The Ultimate Gift Shopping Guide for 3D Printing Addicts

The holidays stand for many things. One of which is shopping! For the 3D printing community, this is the time when they can finally indulge themselves with the filaments, accessories, and even 3D printers that they’ve been dreaming of. Whether you’re a 3D printing addict or have someone in your life who is, here are the best 3D printing gifts this yuletide season. 

Stocking stuffers (nothing above $70)

Show the 3D printing fiend in your life how much you care with these budget-friendly gifts.

1. X3D Pro PLA 

1KG roll: $29.95

3KG roll: $80

Holiday Gift: PLA

The 3D printing community can’t get enough of our X3D Pro PLA. It’s no surprise that it’s our best selling product of all time: it’s consistently high-performing, easy to print with, and suitable for all skill levels with an affordable price to boot.

If you want to make sure that your 3D printing loved one is well stocked with this bestselling filament, give him one. It’s available in a wide range of colours and sizes (it comes in two sizes: the regular 1KG spool and the JUMBO 3KG roll).

2. Functional 3D printer filaments

Holiday Gift: ASAHoliday Gift: PETG

If you like creating functional 3D prints that are supposed to withstand impact and drastic temperature elements, check out our built-to-last filaments! Among the most popular in our offerings are ASA, PETG, and ASA.

The X3D Pro ASA ($39.95) is for automotive and household uses with its excellent mechanical properties, UV and weather resistance, thermal stability, and non-warping properties. On the other hand, people use our X3D Pro PETG ($34.95) for anything that requires functionality and flexibility, such as food containers, mechanical components, remote-controlled toys, and more! Finally, the classic X3D Pro ABS ($24.95) is still the material people rely on for everything else. It offers smooth consistent prints with broad colour options that appear saturated on the finished product.

If you want to venture to other brands, here are our runner-ups: FormFutura’s ApolloX - High Strength ($67.95), a high-strength and performance-engineering ASA filament and Polymaker Poly-Lite PETG ($37.95), a high-quality yet affordable PETG material. 

3. Creative 3D printer filaments

Holiday Gift: ColourMorphHoliday Gift: Matt PLA

If you or your loved one enjoys more creative 3D printing pursuits, these arts and crafts filaments are perfect!

To start, our X3D Pro brand has several beautiful filaments that use the ever-reliable X3D Pro PLA as the base. The X3D Pro Silk PLA ($39.95) will give your prints a metallic sheen while the Diamond Series ($34.95) offers a sparkle like no other. On the other hand, the X3D Pro Matt PLA ($29.95) is the same as the original but without the sheen, which makes it perfect for busts and superhero models. Meanwhile, if flexible yet functional prints are more your thing, you can try our X3D Pro TPU ($44.95).

Holiday Gift: Metal Rainbow

To try the new gradient and rainbow trend, we’ve got three cool filaments to choose from. Eryone’s Mini Rainbow and Metal Rainbow (both $55) will ensure that no two prints will be the same in colour. Finally, FormFutura’s ColourMorph PLA ($67.95) is a high-gloss material that gives a colour-shifting effect from every angle. 

Premium filament gifts ($100+)

For 3D printer users who have a penchant for commercial and industrial applications, they would love to receive these engineering filaments under the tree on Christmas morning. They may be pricey but they are worth it as they can produce high-quality tools that they can sell to businesses or even use in their own business.

Holiday Gift: PLActive

FormFutura’s PLActive - By Copper 3D ($159.95) has antibacterial properties that eliminate 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and various microorganisms. They are ideally used for prostheses, surgical equipment, and wound dressing. Prostheses used to be expensive but this filament cuts down the costs so that they are more accessible.

Holiday Gift: Arnitel

For car and household components, the FormFutura Arnitel® ID2060-HT (TPC) ($110) is the perfect material. It offers a unique balance of high temperature and chemical resistance and flexibility. 

Extravagant pressies ($$$$)

If you want to spoil yourself or your loved one this holiday season, here are the perfect 3D printing workhorses to do so.

1. Ultimaker 2+Connect ($4,685)

Holiday Gift: Ultimaker2+Connect

If you’re looking for an entry-level workhorse that’s best out of all brands, you could check out the Ultimaker 2+Connect. This 3D printer model banks on Ultimaker’s reliability while also boasting network capabilities and a new smart touchscreen. Perfect for hobbyists, prosumers, and small businesses. Plus, if you buy the Ultimaker 2+Connect, you get free shipping and 6 rolls of free filament!

2. Ultimaker S3 ($8,395)

Holiday Gift: Ultimaker S3

This compact 3D printer packs a punch! It has dual extrusion for high quality and composite-ready performance. Businesses that are looking to adopt 3D printing can choose the Ultimaker S3 for their first foray. 

3. Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle ($20,950)

Holiday Gift: Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle

If you want a top-of-the-line 3D printer, get the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle. It consists of the 3D printer, Air Manager, and Material Station. This bundle has a huge capacity and end-to-end material handling to improve uptime and print success rate to enable round-the-clock efficiency, and reliable production with minimal print and operator time and human error. For businesses that want reliability and powerful performance but are not interested in 24/7 operations, they can also grab the Ultimaker S5 Pro ($13,545).

Get started on your holiday shopping today!

Grab these great 3D printing gifts before they run out. For inquiries, you can contact us by phone, email, or chat. 

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