X3D Pro PLA 1.75mm 3kg


Colour: Black
Size: 1.75 mm
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X3D Pro PLA now in a 3kg Reel

X3D printing filament is high quality grade filament manufactured to very tight tolerances for consistent feeding and stable prints. X3D Premium is the professional and quality choice of filament.

PLA Filament is a common type of filament for desktop 3D Printers because it is easier to print with and doesn’t require a heat bed. PLA is more brittle than ABS and does not sand or machine as well as ABS does.

X3D Pro PLA 1.75mm filament is suitable for any FDM 3D printers consuming 1.75mm filament from standard kilo spools (not cartridges). The X3D formula is odourless when printing and leaves out the rough spots other filaments have trouble delivering. RoHs compliant and tested for quality on all our X3D range of 3D printers.


  • Environmentally friendly, made of corn starch
  • Odourless and toxic free
  • No plastic smell
  • Requires less energy to produce a 3D-model
  • Low shrinkage level, strong stability and good tensile strength
  • Good adhesion to heated bed
  • Easy to print with, no jamming
  • Safe to use for children
  • True strong pure colors, no fading colors
  • A X3D Premium product, tested and approved for 3D-printing


Spool Size
Inner diameter 53.5mm
External diameter 200mm
Thickness 64mm

Printing Parameters

  • 190-220 C Extruder
  • Bed temp – not needed but some users prefer to set @ 50 C
  • Print Speed 30-90mm/s
  • Movement Speed 90-150mm/s


Store filament away from the sun and in a sealed plastic bag with the silicon moisture bag inside.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Iain Williamson
3kg Filament Roll

Always had good prints from X3D filament in the 1kg rolls.Now won't have to change rolls so often.

Perfect solution

Have been using X3D filament since I got my first FDM printer a couple of year ago and was going through a lot of black PLA for prototyping parts. To have it in a 3kg roll that fits in my dryer is ideal. Always prints well and has a great finish.

Consistent quality

I've been using these 3kg rolls now for a year or so, and the quality is very consistent. I can use the same print and temp settings reel after reel with no change in quality, great for pushing out consistent prototypes which is exactly what we need.

Adam dacey
Happy but unhappy

The plastics are of good quality however the spool has come with a knot in it which i will have to unwind the spool to rectify which is alot of work and mess

Sholto Allbrook
Great filament

The same great, reliable, easy to print X3D filament but on a massive spool. Spool hole too small to fit on standard Creality Spool holder (wouldn't recommend anyway not sure it could handle 3kg!) so you may have to come up with a custom holder or transfer some to a smaller spool.

Thanks Sholto - we introduced this 3Kg roll as our customers kept asking for it. Been very popular so we will introduce more colours and types of filament in 3kg rolls.

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