Arnitel® ID2060-HT (TPC) - 1.75mm

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A unique balance of flexibility, sustained high temperature and chemical resistance

Roll size 500gms


Arnitel® ID2060 HT is the first high performance TPC FFF material combining flexibility with prolonged high temperature use as well as chemical resistance and strength. This combination makes it suitable to print cold charge air ducts for demanding automotive under the hood applications as well as components for end-of-arm tooling.

Parts printed can resist sustained high-temperature of 175°C (1000 hrs) or 190°C (500 hrs) and chemicals such as EGR condensate. 

Possible applications

  • Air-fuel management systems, engine shields for automotive 

  • Gaskets and seals for automotive

  • Aluminium & rubber replacement for light weighting applications in automotive under the hood

  • Gaskets and seals for automotive

  • Tubes for home appliances

Key Benefits & Properties

  • First high temperature TPC filament on the market

  • A unique balance of flexibility, sustained high temperature and chemical resistance 

  • Prolonged high temperature performance: 175°C (1000 hrs), 190°C (500 hrs)

  • Excellent chemical resistance against EGR condensates

  • Hardness of Shore D 61 


General printing guidelines * 

Nozzle size: ≥ 0.25mm Layer height: > 0.1mm * Flow rate: ± 100%
Print temp: ± 220 - 245° C * Print speed: Low / Medium * Retraction: No
Heat bed: ± 80 - 120° C * Fan speed: 0% Printing surface: Ultem PEI sheet
Enclosed printer needed: Preferred Heated Build Chamber: Preferred Experience level: Expert

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