ApolloX - High Strength 1.75mm

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High Strength & Engineering Filament

Roll size 750gms

ApolloX™ is a professional high strength & performance engineering filament based on a uniquely industrial-grade modified ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) compound. ApolloX™ has been modified to have great thermal stability & improved filament flow behavior and has zero-warping and flawless first- and interlayer adhesion allowing you to 3D print objects with an almost injection molding precision.

ApolloX™ is UV & weather resistant ensuring great color stability – combined with high strength and heat resistant properties – which makes ApolloX™ a perfect engineering filament for outdoor and automotive applications.

Printing guidelines

  • Print temp: ± 235-255˚C
  • Heat bed: ± 80-90˚C
  • Print surface: Glass, Kapton tape, PET tape and EasyPad™

Filament length

  • 0.750 gms spool
    1.75mm ± 281m

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jake Kusters
Very Easy to Print

Very easy to print end use material suitable for open or closed build volumes.

Daniel Clark
Great for trinkets Not much else

I dont want my experience with this filament to reflect badly on x3d's part as there service has always been A1. First of all I was imprest with print quality even at highest print temps. prints came out great and it definitely warps much less than ABS, however it seems that at any temp layer adhesion is absolutely terrible and pulls apart by hand, tried two rolls different colours, different temps, I found no improvement even 260 deg no fan on 2 different printers. There is nothing 'HIGH STRENGTH" about it, even regular old PLA or ABS is way stronger than this stuff.

6+ years printing with various materials ,PLA, ABS, PET, Nylons, TPU e.t.c with great success.
bad batch?? Had high hopes for a "premium" brand. Really disappointed.
$140 dollars down the drain.

Unsuitable for larger prints

After reading this product's claim of zero warping I was very disappointed to find that it's unsuitable for large prints. Even with a temperature controlled enclosure and a 100 degree printing bed, large prints try their hardest to warp, shrink and distort. The resulting tension pulls layers apart and curls at the corners.

Generally the layer adhesion is only acceptable, regardless of whether you print slowly or quickly. I printed at 255 degrees with no part fan at all but the layers can always be pulled apart without much effort.

The visual quality of the prints is excellent. Details are beautifully formed.

Overall, buying two rolls of ApolloX was an expensive experiment and I'll need to find an alternative for large (anything with square geometry over about 50mm tall) automotive parts.

Sorry to hear you had issues. We have had customers do some large prints and feedback has been very good. We're keen to ensure satisfaction with all products so will send you a code for a free roll of X3D ASA to see if this works better for you. Thanks

Brian M
Great for automotive

This is my go to filament when printing automotive parts.

Excellent dimensional accuracy, strength and heat resistance.

Zero warping, bed adhesion is easy on glass bed with Dimaflex.

Thanks Brian - it is very popular for automotive parts as UV resistant. With Dimafix Pen makes it an easy print too.

Great prints

Wasn't overly confident with ASA, every print including the first, has come out great.
Tenlog Hands 2

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