Make 3D Printing a Joy and not a Hassle 

X3D Founder Mark Hudson

Back in 2014 when the 3D Printing market was in its infancy, Mark Hudson founded an online store for 3D printing enthusiast’s. 3D printers we’re expensive and basic back then and the range of filaments was limited. Most prints failed and 3D Printing was almost a dark art.

Like many others, Mark saw the potential and knew the industry would grow, so with his knowledge and experience in building online stores and with spare warehouse capacity he saw a market opportunity.  

Over a year and after much testing and development, the first range of X3D filaments was launched. Since then, we have developed and added many more specialty filaments along with engineering filaments from international brands such as Form Futura.   

Our focus is simple, to make the 3D Printing experience a joy and not a hassle. To offer quality and reliable printing materials at an affordable price backed up with exceptional customer service.   

George Chameleon X3D Mascot

X3D business philosophy is based upon the following pillars:

  • Wide range of well stocked products. 
  • An excellent price-performance ratio - quality matters.
  • An easy, fast order, delivery and purchasing process.
  • Trouble-free Warranty and Returns Policy.
  • Friendly and competent customer service.

We are  also committed to sustainable and recycled products. In September 2020 we launched our recycled filament range.

Based in Perth - WA, we sell Australia wide and offer a reseller service to retailers across Australia.