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If there’s a time of the year that you must give in to your shopping urges, it has to be this Black Friday and Cyber Monday! X3D is putting ALL their X3D Pro filaments, resins, and accessories on sale! If you have a big 3D printing project coming up or just wanted to try a full roll of filament without paying for it at full price, now’s your chance! To help you shop for yourself or your 3D printing-addicted loved one, here are X3D’s best picks for Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping for all budgets!

The Best 3D Printer Filaments

Best Steals

Our 3D printer filaments are already affordable, but imagine making the prices even lower this Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Unbelievable, right? Here are the best steals on filaments from our website!

  • Steal: X3D Pro PLA 

  • The material for FDM 3D printers, the filaments’ quality is crucial to the success of your prints. There’s a reason why X3D Pro filaments are our most popular, best-rated, and best-selling items on the website. In fact, our PLA has consistently been rated 5 stars by our customers due to its consistent feeding and stable printing. 

    It’s different from other PLA brands as it is stronger, more stable, and has a lower shrinkage level. It also has a wide range of colours to choose from. As it is PLA, it comes with the typical features that you can expect from this filament type: environmentally friendly, odourless, easy to print with, and versatility. 

    Discounted Price: 

    $31.96 (from 39.95) for a full roll 

    $60 (from $119.85) for a bundle of 3 rolls of random colours

  • Steal: X3D Pro Recycled PLA Filament

  • X3D Pro Recycled PLA filament is perfect for those who want to take the extra step in saving the environment. It is made from residual extrusion waste streams which are re-compounded and homogenized into a high-end and easy to print upcycled PLA filament with significantly less environmental impact. It also prints just as well as regular PLA without the added guilt.

    Discounted Price:  $31.96 (from 39.95)

  • Steal: X3D Pro ABS

  • Professional 3D printing aficionados know that if you want functional 3D-printed items that stand through the test of time and usage, ABS filament is the way to go. Our X3D Pro ABS doesn’t disappoint with its smooth and consistent print, extra strength, high impact resistance, and no harmful additives. You also have 20 colours to choose from because what is life without variety, right? 

    Discounted Price:  $31.96 (from $39.95)

  • X3D Pro Wood

  • Woodworkers will rejoice when they see this wood filament from X3D Pro. Made with real recycled wood and a binding polymer, this wood filament produces realistic wood prints that you can cut, sand, and paint just like regular wooden objects.

    (Extremely) Discounted Price:  $39.20 (from $59.00)

  • X3D Pro Nylon 

  • Creating extra-strong prints won’t be a problem if you have the X3D Pro Nylon. Our nylon filament is a stronger, durable and more versatile alternative 3D printing material to your regular PLA and ABS. 

    (Extremely) Discounted Price:  $28.00 (from $50.00)

  • X3D Pro Conductive

  • Perfect for those who create anti-static, dissipation, or electric current conduction objects, the X3D Pro Conductive filament is an electrician’s dream! It is currently at its lowest price so now’s the best time to buy this filament before it runs out forever!

    (Extremely) Discounted Price:  $28.00 (from $55.00)

    Spend (a bit more)

    Is it really called a “spend” list if you only have to add a few extra dollars for the filaments in this list? If you want to be a bit adventurous and try a new filament, here’s your chance!

  • Spend (a bit more): X3D Pro Silk PLA

  • If you want to add a bit of pizzazz to your PLA, choose X3D Pro Silk PLA. Its soft metallic sheen is guaranteed to add a bit more oomph to your vases, jewellery, toys, decors, and more. Don’t be fooled by its appearance! It’s just as strong as our regular X3D Pro PLA, so you get a balance of form and function. 

    We have only limited quantities left, so if you want to try it out, you best be adding it to your cart immediately before our stocks run out!

    Discounted Price: $39.96 (from $49.95)

  • Spend (a bit more): X3D Twinkling Filament PLA

  • If glitters are more your thing, then the X3D Twinkling Filament PLA will bring sparkle to your eyes and your prints! It is not just your regular PLA: it is stronger and tougher than the typical PLA, perfect for both decorative and functional prints. Just like regular PLA though, the Twinkling Filament is odourless and with low shrinkage, good rigidity, and no heated print bed necessary.

    Discounted Price: $44.00 (from $55)

  • Spend (a bit more): X3D Pro PETG

  • When you’re looking for a filament that prints like PLA but has the mechanical properties of ABS, PETG is the best filament for you! It’s our second most popular filament next to PLA so add this to your cart now before other people beat you to it. 

    Discounted Price: $35.96 (from $44.95)

  • Spend (a bit more): X3D Pro Flexible TPU

  • TPU is the only filament that prints flexible items. It is indispensable for those who like a bit of stretch and movement to their prints. It is also running low on stock so don’t say we didn’t warn you if it runs out. 

    Discounted Price: $39.20 (from $49.00)

  • X3D Pro ASA

  • Another favourite by the 3D-printing community, ASA had a recent surge in popularity due to its usage in creating car components and upgrades. It is weather, heat, and UV-resistant and has excellent mechanical properties, making it the best filament for engineering applications. 

    Discounted Price: $40 (from $50)

    The Best 3D Printer Resins

    Steals: X3D Pro Water Washable and Low-Odour Resins


    If you are just starting with resin printing, these are the best resins for you. Not only are they easy to print with, but the cleanup is easy as well with the Water Washable resin. The Low-Odour resin emits little to no odor, definitely debunking the myth that you have to suffer through noxious fumes when resin printing. 

    Discounted Price: $31.96 (from $39.95)

    Spend (a bit more): X3D Pro Tough Resin and Flexible Resin

    These two resins are popular among those who create FUNCTIONAL resin prints. Yes, it is possible to create resin-printed items that are not decorative. You get both the high-resolution details and strength, a rarity in resin printing. 

    Discounted Price:

    Tough Resin:  $39.16 (from $48.95)

    Flexible Resin: $39.20 (from $49.00)

    Best 3D Printer Accessories

    Upgrading or replacing parts of your 3D printer has never been this affordable. You can get all sorts of 3D printer replacement parts, tools, and accessories at an incredibly discounted price at Brandconnect.

  • Brass Nozzles

  • If you’re someone who likes experimenting with different filament types, you know that it is important to have different nozzle sizes to accommodate different filaments. Our Brass Nozzles are already extremely affordable, but imagine buying them at an even lower price. You can stock up on nozzles so that you can easily replace them when one jams or gets clogged. 

    MK8 Brass Nozzle: Discounted Price: $3.96 (from $4.95)

    E3D Brass Nozzle - 2 Pieces: Discounted Price: $3.96 (from $4.95)

    Volcano Nozzle 0.4mm Brass: Discounted Price: $4.00 (from $5.00)

    MK1O Nozzle - 2 Pieces:  Discounted Price: $4.76 (from $5.95)

  • CR10/Ender 3 Upgraded Extruder

  • If you have a CR10/Ender 3 3D printer, then you’re in luck! You can get the whole extruder set on sale! It comes with everything you need to upgrade your extruder: extruder, PETG tube, spring, and silicone case.


    Discounted Price: $28.00 (from $$35.00) 

  • Resin printer accessories (FEP sheets and light curing lamp)

    FEP sheets and light curing lamps don’t come with your resin printer. As such, you need to buy them separately. FEP sheets are something that you need to replace in your 3D printer now and then, so it is important to stock up to avoid running out when you least expect it. 

    FEP Film Sheets: Discounted price: $15.20 (from $19.00)

    Light Curing Lamp: Discounted price: $28.00 (from $35.00)

    Get started on your Christmas shopping with our Black Friday & Cyber Monday specials!

    Ready, set, go! Get started on your Black Friday & Cyber Monday shopping before your faves run out! For inquiries, you can contact us here. 

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