X3D Pro ASA 1.75mm


Colour: Black
Size: 1.75 mm
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Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate (ASA)

Full 1 Kilo Roll – 1.75mm

ASA offers improved weather resistance and excellent strength properties and as such is widely used in the automotive industry. It is widely used for general prototyping in 3D printing, where its UV resistance, mechanical properties and easy to print properties make it an excellent material for use in engineering application prototypes.

X3D’s ASA filament has UV resistance, zero warp properties and excellent mechanical properties. ASA retains gloss, color, and mechanical properties in outdoor exposure. It has good chemical and heat resistance whilst being tough and rigid.

ASA is perfect when you are looking for beautiful and strong prints that can last outside in Australia’s high UV environment.


  • UV & weather resistant
  • Low Warping printing
  • Good thermal stability, and inter-layer adhesion
  • Excellent adhesion to heated glass plate (we recommend Buildtak, Dimafix)
  • Greatly improved mechanical properties and strength


*Net weight 1 kilo
Inner diameter 53.5mm
External diameter 200mm
Thickness 64mm
Diameter 1.75mm

Printing Parameters

  • 235-255 C Extruder
  • Bed temp – @ 80 – 100 C
  • Print Speed Medium
  • Retraction Yes + or – 5%
  • Glass Transition 97.8 (°C)

Experience Level



Store filament away from the sun and in a sealed plastic bag with the silicon moisture bag inside.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Mark Dutton
Great filament and great value

I have great success with all X3D filaments and the ASA is no exception. Output is clean.

Quality filament

I've been through a couple of rolls of this ASA so far and it prints flawlessly using stock settings on my Bambu Labs X1 Carbon. Just used liquid glue on the engineering build plate and had no issues. It would be nice to see a bigger range of colours though.

Quality ASA

Been printing car accessories with this stuff for a few years, prints great. Gluestick on build plate, Qidi xmax - 245nozzle 100bed

Many thanks for the tips Steve - ASA is very popular.


Prints super easy

I've always used a reputable filament and decided to give this a go. I was super happy the ASA. It printed effortless on my Prusa in an enclosure. Bed temp 110, nozzle 255deg. It will be my go to filament from now on.

Pete. F
First try at ASA

I’ve only ever tried PLA and PETG before this and wanted a material that was more suited to automotive or mechanical parts. Something that was uv resistant and resistant to heat. I’ve almost finished a kilo roll of this x3d ASA and every print has been flawless. Creality cr10s in an enclosure and filament fed from a dehumidifier at 60deg. Printing on glass using Aquanet hair spray, nozzle temp at 250deg and bed at 100deg. It has very little warping. If I’m printing a large part (over 200mm) that has a small bed contact area, I use a 4mm brim which stops any lifting. The next roll I have is the ASA Apollo X and it will be interesting to see if it prints as well. But as far as the x3d ASA goes, I’m very impressed.

Many thanks for your Review Pete
Although easier than ABS, ASA can be tricky for some - especially bed adhesion. It seems that you have this mastered and your tips are well appreciated by other customers.

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