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Add Some Flex

To make standard resins less brittle, flex can be mixed to produce varying degrees of flexibility to firmness. By adding a small amount of flex creates a less brittle and more durable part. By adding larger amounts, the more flexible it will become.

Or print 100% with flex to get a TPU like product.

  • Fast printing, less deformation, high precision with smooth surface.
  • Impact resistance, anti- folding
  • flexible with little elastic property.
  • Elongation at break: 130%

Technical specification:

Volume shrinkage:3.35%-5.65%

Elongation at break:100-130%

Linear shrinkage:1.05-1.35%

Hardness(Shore D):65-75 D

Tensile strength:30-52MPa


Tensile modulus:1.779—2.385 MPa


Glass transition temp.:100℃


Density:1.05—1.25 g/cm3


Notched impact strength:41-48j/m



Prints on most brand LCD printer, and fast printing on DLPs.

For LCD printer with colorful panel, bottom layer 30-70s and each layer exposure time 4-16s, for example, layer thickness 50 micron on Anycubic printer, base 50s while each layer 8s.

For LCD printer with monochrome panel, bottom layer 30-70s and each layer exposure time 4-8s.

For DLP printer, bottom 10-30s and each layer 1-6s.

The exposure time should be adjusted according to printer light energy, layer thickness and model structure.

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