2020 Ultimaker 3D Printer Shopping Guide

When it comes to 3D printing, Ultimaker is like the Ferrari of 3D printers. Ultimaker has become a trusted brand for its pioneering technology, connectivity, ease of use, and plug-and-play operations. If you’ve been saving up all year long for one and you don’t know which machine is perfect for your needs and budget, here’s a quick shopping guide to help you!

Ultimaker 2+ Connect

Price: $4,295

Perfect for: those who want a reasonably priced Ultimaker that is guaranteed to last for a long time.

Ultimaker 2+Connect is the best entry-level Ultimaker machine. It’s an improved version of their classic favourite Ultimaker 2 that was released seven years ago. And with reason too: Ultimaker is an award-winning 3D printer that is still popular in the 3D printing community today, having produced over 6000 prints since it was released. 

Improving on the bench-mark of the predecessor, it has now added deeper connectivity and networking capabilities, a new touchscreen, and next-gen components

Upgraded features

  • Added connectivity: The biggest development is the new connectivity capabilities of the Ultimaker 2+ Connect. It now allows remote print jobs from your friends or coworkers to be sent to your 3D printer via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Perfect for teams who are working from home during this period. 
  • New digital workflow: The Ultimaker 2+ Connect now has a new suite of software upgrades to make it easy for remote collaboration. 
    • The Ultimaker Digital Factory allows sharing the machine with your coworkers for increased uptime while also letting you remotely monitor current printing jobs. 
    • You can customise your slicing settings through the Ultimaker Marketplace with plugins (including CAD integration).
    • Meanwhile, you can also improve your 3D printing skills with the Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy.
  • Easier setup: Thanks to its more ergonomic feeder lever and assisted bed leveling, the Ultimaker 2+ Connect is now easier to set up. It now only takes minutes to complete its hardware installation right out of the box. 
  • New touchscreen: A 2.4" color touchscreen has now been added to the Ultimaker 2+ Connect to improve user experience. You can now adjust the build plate, change material, and check your print status easily through the touchscreen.
  • Air Manager: The Air Manager add-on provides 94% filtering of ultrafine particles (UFP) during 3D printing. It also protects from hot and moving components, therefore effectively increasing user safety.

If you can stand to wait just a bit longer, the Ultimaker 2+ Connect will arrive on our shores by late January 2021. Our pre-order list is getting longer, so reserve yours now to be one of the first people to get it! If you order now, you get 6 free filament rolls + free shipping!

2. Ultimaker S3

Price: $7,495

Perfect for: Prosumers, small to medium businesses, or educational institutions that are looking for a reliable 3D printer that will stand through the test of back-to-back projects and time

The Ultimaker S3 is a dual extrusion 3D printer that creates composite-ready prints in a compact footprint. Despite its smaller size, it packs quite a punch with its powerful features, such as automatic bed levelling, intuitive material flow sensor, touchscreen, front enclosure, and network connectivity. As it is from Ultimaker, you can expect that it is easy to use, reliable, and fast to set up. 

As an added bonus, if you order the Ultimaker S3 now, you get 10 free X3D Pro filament rolls! For more info on the specs and features of the Ultimaker S3, you can check out the product page here

3. Ultimaker S5

Price: $11,395

Perfect for: those looking for the industry’s best-in-class 3D printer that is perfect for industrial applications.

Ultimaker S5 is the best 3D printer there is — but for a price. But its high price is well-justified seeing that it provides a gigantic print volume, exceptional print quality, ease of use, and an intuitive touchscreen interface. 

As can be expected, it uses top-of-the-line components, allowing for reliable and adaptable printing. It features swappable print cores, different nozzle sizes, two interchangeable build plates, filament flow sensor, active bed leveling, and full-colour touchscreen. 

Every order comes with 10 free X3D Pro filament rolls. The stocks are running low, so better order now before they completely run out for the year. Find out more about the Ultimaker S5’s features and specs in this link

4. Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle


Price: $18,695

Perfect for: those who want to take the Ultimaker S5 on another level. 

The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle comes equipped with two add-ons that make the powerful 3D printer even more potent. The bundle comes with the Ultimaker S5, Air Manager, and Material Station.

The Air Manager (as mentioned above) keeps the users safe by filtering out UFP to prevent inhalation and protecting against hot and moving parts during printing. On the other hand, the Material Stations allows non-stop printing by storing filaments and automatically feeding into the printer. It stores up to six filaments to improve uptime and hands-off printing. 

Bonus: Add-ons

If you already have the Ultimaker S5 but want to upgrade it, you can buy the Air Manager and Materials Station separately. 

Treat yourself to the best 3D printers this Christmas!

If you want reliable and powerful 3D printers, Ultimaker 3D printers are your best bet! Stocks are already running low this season. Order today to prevent getting waitlisted for next year. For inquiries, you can call or email us

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