3D-Printed Items for Home Remodeling & Repairs

3D printing technology is so powerful that it can create fully livable houses. While our consumer 3D printers can’t achieve something of that scale yet, they can still help us improve our lives and the world around us in an easier and affordable way, like repair cars, recreate faces, and even fix and renovate homes! If you have a 3D printer and are looking to overhaul your humble abode, you can lessen your hardware costs with these 3D-printed accessories and tools for your home repair & renovation projects! As a bonus, this week’s Buy 4 and get the cheapest free promo on our X3D Pro filaments and resins will ensure that you’ll never run out of materials for your 3D-printed home renovation projects!

1. Cabinet Handle Jig by ThinkSolutions

Changing the cabinet handles is one of the easiest things you can do to update your kitchen’s design. If you’re the type who wants to make a statement with your cabinets, this Cabinet Handle Jig will help you with your measurements to prevent wonky cabinet handles! 

Recommended filament: X3D Pro PETG

2. Gyroid Shelf Bracket by Az3Dip

If you’re the type who wants even the smallest details to be perfect, then this Gyroid Shelf Bracket is for you! Usually, a bracket’s design isn’t given a lot of thought as it's just there to hold up your shelf, right? But who says you can’t have a pretty shelf bracket? This modern take on the bracket will give your shelves a fresh, new look!

Recommended filament: X3D Pro PLA or ABS

3. Paint Rollers by G3tPainted

Print these paint rollers to give more oomph to your blank walls! They are available in different patterns to suit your tastes, such as floral, paint, wood grain, and Voronoi, to name a few. The creator also has paint stencil prints for smaller surfaces. 

4. Greek Meander Lamp by Hultis

If, over the course of wall painting, you smudge a bit of paint on your lampshade, don’t worry! You don’t have to buy a new one, you can just print another one using a 3D printer. It just needs a bit of gluing and assembly, but it’s a fairly easy design to print. 

5. Nail Holders by han3dyman

Do you always confuse the nail for any of your fingers? No more hurt fingers with these nail holders! It comes in two sizes for small and large nails. Hammering nails can now be faster without the fear of hurting yourself. 

6. Glue Gun Rest by han3dyman

Don’t like your tools lying around? Make sure your glue gun and sticks are organised with this Glue Gun Rest. It has slots for your glue gun and a number of spare glue sticks, both small and big. To catch the drip, there’s a compartment for a sticky note that you can peel when it gets full. 

7. Paint Mixer 3/8 Dowel by peteeisen21

Why buy a paint mixer when you can just use your power drill? You only need to print the dowel and epoxy it to your power drill in order to use it. It’ll give perfectly mixed paint each time without spending much or making too much effort. 

8. Bolt Collection by han3dyman

Having a 3D printer means you can create things that you no longer have to buy anymore and helps you save money. You can create all the nuts and bolts you need with these files. All you need to do is choose a filament that will stand being wound up like ASA or ABS.

Recommended filament: X3D Pro ASA


One of the most annoying things when drilling something is the debris and dust that fall from the wood or wall you are drilling. With this genius contraption, it can collect the debris so that you don’t have to clean up after anymore. 

10. NAIL-IN CABLE CLIP [3-12MM ASSORTMENT] by akimakes

Cables. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. If you find yourself annoyed at the jumble of cables around your home, here’s the solution. Use these nail-in cable clips to organise them neatly and conceal them throughout your home. 

Remodel your home with help of these 3D-printed home renovation tools and accessories!

Save up on hardware costs with these 3D-printed home repair tools and accessories. If you also want to update your home decor, you can also check out our 3D-printed home decor ideas

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