Easy-to-Make 3D Printed Home Decors

Are you starting to get tired of your surroundings? It’s been weeks since the self-isolation started, so it’s normal to feel a bit stir-crazy being stuck inside your home for days on end. One way to entertain yourself is to create 3D printed home decorations with your 3D printer. Here are ten 3D printing home decor ideas that will level up your home’s interior design.

1. Steampunk Light Switch by 3DPRINTINGWORLD

If you find your light switch too basic for your taste, switch it up with this Steampunk-inspired light switch! You can paint your prints to make it look like they’re made of metal and wood or you can use our realistic metal-mimic and wood filaments.

2. It is Coffee time by Elsersy

Create a beautiful cup holder for your coffee corner! This design is best made using a wood filament and can be installed on the wall using adhesive strips.

3. Active Volcano (Mist Maker) by Superbeasti

If you’re looking for an interesting centerpiece, then this is it. This live-action volcano model seems about to erupt thanks to an ultrasonic mist generator installed inside. You would have to buy or create your own mist generator but once you get everything together, it will be a good conversational piece once you can invite guests over.

4. SHOTGUN SHOT GLASS by Superbeasti

Make your shot go down extra smooth with this cool shot glass design. If you’ve also taken up candle-making during this downtime, you can use this as a candle mold or container.


Many people have taken up gardening during the lockdown. Give your plants a good home with this Little People Sitting Planter. It is an adorable planter/decor that adds character to office desks, coffee tables, and shelves.

6. HOUSE FOR CAT DIAMS by Catalpine

Your cat lord will be delighted with this 3D printed cat bed. Just add a cushion or blanket inside so that they can get comfortable. Its modern geometric design also makes it an attractive floor decor.

7. LAMP FLORAL DESIGN by danzig483

Conceal a bare and unattractive overhead light bulb with this Morrocan-inspired light fixture. Chandeliers are usually heavy and expensive but you can create your own with a 3D printer.

8. HOME LETTERING by vladan_r

Huge block letter decors have been all the rage in interior decors lately. Why buy them when you can create your own decorative HOME letters with a 3D printer? They’ll look good on the bureau, coffee table, or bookshelf.

9. VASES by endlesspoland

Create ceramic vases that won’t shatter with this 3D printed design of ceramic vases. For better effect, you can use stone-mimic filaments.

10. NASA CGI Moon Kit 2019 Moon Lamp by moononournation

Bring the moon into your bedroom with this realistic moon replica lamp based on NASA’s CGI Moon Kit. With the glowing light, it looks so real that it seems like the moon is right next to you. The creator also created other versions of the design for keychains, ornaments, and more.

Decorate your home with these 3D printed home decors!

No matter your 3D printing skill, you can find something to create in this list. Upgrade your home’s interiors with these easy home decor inspirations. If you need filaments to start your next 3D printing project, stock up on our bestselling X3D Pro filaments.

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