Fun & Easy 3D Printed Car Parts & Accessories


The good thing about 3D printing is that not only can you create beautiful arts and crafts, but you can also create functional parts that tremendously help people’s lives, such as medical prostheses, food packaging, and even mechanically engineered car parts! While consumer 3D printers have still not advanced yet to the point that we can create life-sized Lamborghini (yet!), we can create 3D-printed parts and accessories for when we want to upgrade or replace parts in our cars. Here are the best 3D-printed car parts and accessories that will make your wheels go vroom-vroom (via Cults3D, Thingiverse, and MyMiniFactory)

Coolest 3D-printed car parts and accessories

1. Car phone holders


Mobile phones are an essential part of life, especially when navigating. Make it easy to see your map app with a 3D-printed phone holder. Regardless of what model you have, you’ll be sure to find a design through 3D printing file repositories. 


2. Peugeot 206 Door Gear by ANDRE VENTURA

The worst thing about imported cars is that it’s hard to access the parts locally. In this case, 3D printing will help you create your parts so that you don’t have to wait for them to be shipped over to Australia from the other side of the world. 

3. Saxo Mk1 grill Clip by Crea3D Ingenieria

Grill installation can be expensive when done in a repair shop. So why not do it on your own since it is a quick and simple process? If your car grill has hooks that clip into place, you can print out this design so that you don’t have to buy them. 

4. BMW mini 2002 to 2018 by Hugo-archicad

If you want to equip your ride with a brand new spanking sound system, this is the design for you. This parcel shelf piece keeps your new rear speakers in place. 

5. Nissan Leaf front suspension strut cover by Paul Kennett


Some cars may have design flaws that can cause the car to get damaged and break down easily. Nothing that 3D printing can’t fix. In this case, the front suspension struts of the Nissan Leaf fills up with water during the rain, which causes the metal parts to rust. This cover prevents water from getting inside. 

6. Toyota Verso Wiper Arm Cap by Franc Falco

The car wash can be a brutal process for cars that have easily removable parts, like Toyota Verso’s wiper arm cap. If you’re like the designer who’s always losing his cap in the car wash, you can print out as many as you want each time you lose one. No need to order and buy a new one from the manufacturer, which will probably cost a whole lot more than just printing out your own. 

7. Headlight Bracket, 80's/90's Honda by Drew Morgan

If you have a vintage Honda from the 80s or 90s, you may find that it can be hard to find replacement parts as they’re no longer manufactured. Make 3D printing your best friend and you’ll never have to run out of parts again. According to the designer, “these spare parts are for Honda 1989 CRX which has a little plastic anchor that holds the headlight up/down adjustment screw into a sheet metal panel.”

8. Plastic_blade by Jamie King

Got any car decals that you’re ashamed of now? Get them off easily and cheaply with this 3D-printed plastic blade. You’ll still need a blue window cleaner to get the decal loose and WD40 to remove any residue.


When was the last time you found anything in your console without rummaging through it first? Organise your loose change, pens, pins, buttons, and what-have-yous with this console organiser. 

10. B8 Flight Stick Replica Shift Knob by schrodingers_cat

It’ll be easy to pretend you’re flying a plane while driving with this shift knob! It has detailed instructions to make it easy to print and install. 

💡 Tip for printing car parts and accessories 💡

Since cars are run by motors and exposed to the heat, we recommend that you use heat-resistant filaments, such as ASA, PETG, and ABS

Never have to pay for car parts and accessories again when you have a 3D printer!

Creating your own car parts and accessories is a lot cheaper, easier, and fulfilling than buying and having them installed. If you have a 3D printing project coming up, you can stock up on our bestselling X3D Pro filaments, an affordable material that provides high-quality prints consistently. We’re excited to see your 3D printing projects. Tag us on Instagram (click the link below).

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