Things That Resin 3D Printers Can Print Better


If you’re one who’s content with what your FDM 3D printer has to offer, then you’re missing out on a lot! Don’t be put off by the resin printing misconceptions that it is messy, expensive, and complicated! They are just that -- misconceptions! Sure, it has different processes compared to FDM 3D printing but it’s like comparing apples to oranges: it doesn’t mean one is more difficult than the other. On the other hand, you’ll find that there are things that you can do with resin 3D printers better! Here are things that print better on resin printers.

1. Action figures/figurines

If you want to capture every minute detail in its full glory, then resin printers are the best machine to print it with. While you can print models and figurines with FDM 3D printers, the details are captured completely. The printing process of FDM 3D printers does not allow for high-resolution 3D prints. Here’s a comparison of a figurine design printed in an FDM 3D printer and a resin 3D printer: 

Resin vs. FDM: As you can see resin has a smoother and higher resolution surface than the FDM print. (Source: daily-prime)

You can create different detailed figures with resin printing, such as board game pieces, visual prototypes, toys, and decorations. 

Fantasy Mini Collection (multiple poses) by stockto

PokéPawns: generic-use pokemon game pieces by ransoing


2. Accessories that will not be exposed to sunlight

The kryptonite of resin prints is sunlight. Therefore, when creating resin prints, you have to take into consideration what you will be using them for. You can create functional resin prints as long as it won’t be exposed to sunlight or be under extreme pressure. The good thing about resin printing is that you can afford to add intricate designs on the surface of your items, unlike with FDM printing. So if you value a balance between form and function, resin printing is for you. 

Raven Skull Bottle Stop by ForgeDynamics

Spatula with Slots for Resin Printers by IdeaBeansNZ

Samsung Wireless Charger / Phone Stand with Resin friendly opt

3. Architectural miniatures

If you’re an architecture buff, resin printing is the best machine to recreate the wonders of historical buildings and tourist spots all over the world. Resin printers are the best machines for them as they capture the smallest details. 

Tower of Pi by roman_hegglin

Eiffel Tower by B9Creations

Ulvheim Noble House by Code2

4. Casting molds for mass-production

Speed isn’t resin printing’s strong suit. It has to sacrifice its speed for the high-resolution prints that it delivers. However, it can still be used for mass-production, just not for printing out the production line. Resin printers are great for creating casting molds for mass-production.

Mark Gisi Style Resin Casting Mold For Custom/Bespoke/kitless Pens by tswalter

Resin Mold Form for Keycaps / Small Objects by rsheldiii

MoldMate for Multi Shot Keycaps (artisankeycaps) by xack

It’s time to convert to resin printing! 


Don’t be afraid to try resin printing. While they are not exactly the best at producing durable prints at speed, they make up for it for the ultra-high-resolution and dimensional accuracy. 

There are also new resins available that allow for stronger and flexible prints, such as the X3D Pro Tough and Flexible Resins! Get 20% off on X3D Pro and Monocure resins and resin printer accessories from now until 22nd January! For inquiries, call or email us

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