5 Challenging 3D Print Ideas for 2021


Are you stuck in a 3D printing rut this 2021? Feel like you’re bored with the usual designs that you’ve been printing? Well, we’re here to shake things up and make things difficult and exciting for you! If you want a good 3D printing challenge, here are 5 of the most difficult and complex 3D printing designs to get you out of that rut and improve your 3D printing skills!

1. Harder 3D printer tolerance tests by ctrlV

The popular 3D Benchy test is good at testing the tolerances of your 3D printer but where’s the fun in printing the same design over and over again? If you want to kick up your 3D printer tolerance testing a notch, here are new designs to challenge you. 




2. Octopus-like crown design by 3dkreashunz 

If you want a funny yet creepy backstory to the designs you print, then check this out. The designer found a strange cube with random numbers in his grandfather’s attic. He decided to input them as G-code into his 3D printer and voila, this design came up! However, there is something sinister to this design: “I am not sure what it is or where it comes from but sometimes late at night when everything is quiet I can hear it buzz.” Print if you dare! 

3. 3D Printer Shoot Out Test Models by MAKE Magazine


Another 3D printer torture, Make Magazine’s 3D printer shootout models test 3D printers’ strengths and weaknesses. Find out what your 3D printer is good at when you print out these models. 

4. Ducati 1199 Superbike (Complex) by ByValcrow

Want a Ducati but can’t afford it? If you’re still saving up for a bike, you can 3D print a miniature version of the Ducati 1199 in the meantime! Just like the bike, this is not for the faint of heart. It is best for those with advanced to intermediate 3D printing skills. It has 40 parts (!) that need fitting, filing, and assembly that will keep you challenged from printing to post-processing. 

5. Reims Cathedral Kitset by m_bergman

If you’re a big fan of architecture, you’ll be in love with this 3D printed design. This kitset captures all the intricacies of the original Notre-Dame de Reims, so it’ll be like you’re seeing it in person. This is an extensive 3D printing project as it’s made up of 60+ parts! 

Bonus: Spaghetti by SuperSolid_3D

Typically, when you see a jumble of spaghetti on your 3D print, it means you have failed. But let’s change the perception of the dreaded spaghetti prints by printing it out ourselves! Don’t beat yourself up if you fail. Failure is a part of learning. With every failure comes a lesson or two. 

Get ready for new 3D printing challenges this 2021!

Part of what makes 3D printing exciting is that there is always something new that you can print and learn. Prepare for these 3D print ideas by stocking up on your favourite 3D printing filaments from X3D! For inquiries, you can contact us here

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