FlashForge 3D Printer Shopping Guide 2021


3D printing technology has now been made even more accessible with the launch of the FlashForge 3D printers on our shores. Previously, the 3D printers available to us were too expensive with features better suited for additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping for companies. However, Flashforge aims to change all that with the release of their cutting-edge consumer-grade 3D printers. With the new school term coming up, Flashforge 3D printers are the best machines for schools and universities looking to incorporate 3D printing into their curriculum.

If you’re confused about what to get, here’s a comprehensive FlashForge 3D Printer Shopping Guide 2021 to help you find the perfect 3D printer for you. 

FlashForge Adventurer 3 V2 3D Printer ($695)

The FlashForge Adventurer 3 V2 is an affordable entry-level 3D printer that is perfect for families, primary schools, workshops, and even beginners. The single-extruder machine highlights a user-friendly interface and versatile yet powerful features, including dimensional accuracy of ±0.2 m, which is at par with high-end 3D printers. 

    • Filament Detector: Its creative filament sensor design allows for easy loading and unloading of filaments. The user only has to place the filament in the inlet and it automatically feeds it into the nozzle. 
      • Touchscreen Interface: It has a 2.8-inch colour touchscreen where users can control every action of the 3D printer. 
        • Removable Flexible Platform: The flexibility allows for easier removal of printed objects. The heatable platform can stand up to 100℃.
          • Detachable Nozzle: The nozzle is easy to remove and replace in just three simple steps.
          • Built-In Camera & Cloud Print: Users can monitor their 3D printing projects remotely with a built-in camera. Different people can also collaborate on a project as the 3D printer enables 5-way connectivity via WiFi. 

          Note: It is recommended to use 500 g filament with the Adventurer 3 V2, which means you don't have to invest in full-size 1kg filaments.


          FlashForge Creator Pro 2 (IDEX) (Price: $1,295)

          This FlashForge classic has been upgraded with an Independent Dual Extruder System. This mid-priced 3D printer is popular for its high quality, easy operation, and best-in-class filament compatibility. The Creator Pro 2 is a perfect match for the needs of middle schools and high schools.

            • Closed Metal Frame Structure: Its metal frame improves sturdiness during printing to prevent issues. Its fully closed print chamber also keeps the temperature consistent during printing.
            • Independent Dual Extruder System: The dual extruders allow you to print more efficiently. The Creator Pro 2 is capable of simultaneous printing of two identical objects, models with soluble supports, and multi-material objects.
            • Heatable Platform: The heatable platform has a fast and uniform thermal conductivity. It prevents first layer and adhesion issues. 
            • Filament Compatibility: With a high temperature of 300℃, you can use practically all types of filaments. Have fun experimenting with our wide range of X3D Pro filaments.

            FlashForge Guider IIs- V2 ($2,595)

            The FlashForge Guider IIs is perfect for creators who handle high-volume 3D printing projects and rapid prototyping. This high-end single-extruder 3D printer is the perfect mix between personal and business use with its industrial-grade accurate parts and quality. It is perfect for use in middle schools and high schools.

            • Industrial-Grade Extruder: It has a durable single extruder that tolerates a maximum temperature of up to 300℃. It also means that it’s compatible with all types of filaments.
            • Massive Build Volume: The 280x250x200mm build volume accommodates large models and multiple prints in one go. 
              • Auto-Leveling Bed: It is easier to calibrate the bed before 3D printing with the auto-leveling bed system. It ensures a consistent levelled build surface to improve adhesion and print quality.
              • HEPA Filter: It filters out harmful dust and particles during printing to protect your working environment.
              • Continuous & Wireless Printing: Users can easily resume their projects despite disruptions. Different users can also collaborate easily with the Guider IIs’ Wireless Printing function.

              FlashForge Creator 3 ($3,850)

              The FlashForge Creator 3 is part of its professional-grade 3D printer line, making it suitable for higher education. This industrial-grade 3D printer is equipped with an independent dual extruder (IDEX ) system, carbon fiber build, intelligent levelling, massive build volume, four built-in ventilating fans, and 3D printing farm capabilities.

                  • Industrial Filament-Friendly: The Creator 3 is capable of withstanding up to 300℃, allowing use of industrial filaments such as nylon and polycarbonate. 
                  • Carbon Fiber Build: The Creator 3 is equipped with high-performance functional parts with advanced engineering materials made of carbon fiber. Its air tight enclosure provides heat and fume control to improve print quality and user safety when printing with these industrial filaments.
                    • Intelligent Leveling: At a touch of a button, you can automatically level the bed with the height data of the left and right extruder memorized to adjust the calibration. 
                      • Massive Build Volume: The 300x250x200mm build platform is ideal for large projects and multiple projects at the same time.
                        • Four Built-in Ventilating Fans: The ventilating fans regulate the temperature for a better printing environment.
                        • 3D Printed Farm: With its wireless printing feature, you can connect multiple Creator 3 printers for high-volume production projects. 

                          3D printing is now more accessible to schools and personal use with FlashForge 3D printers!

                          3D printing technology is the future. It's no longer just a niche technology. It won't be for long until 3D printers become a common household gadget. Now’s the perfect time to try your hand at 3D printing with the easy-to-use yet powerful FlashForge 3D printers. For inquiries, you can contact us by phone or email
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