5 Myths about Resin Printing -- Debunked!


Are you one of those 3D printing enthusiasts who think of resin printing as something that is nice to have but not essential? Over the years, resin printing has been popular for creating high-resolution mini models and prints. However, they’re also infamous for producing brittle prints, messy printing, and noxious fumes, which is why many people are turned off by this form of 3D printing. We’re here to tell you that all these are NOT TRUE! Here are the top common misconceptions about resin printing featuring our new X3D Pro Resin line.

Myth #1: Resin prints are brittle

Since resin printing is mostly used for mini models, strength and toughness have never been necessary. However, these qualities are becoming more and more essential since its application has been evolving and has now expanded to dental and medical uses. X3D Pro Extra Tough resin has been formulated to create strong, hard, and tough prints.

Myth #2: Resins are noxious

Like any other chemicals, resin emits noxious fumes during 3D printing. At least it used to. With the new generation of resins, particularly X3D Pro’s Low Odour Resin, you don’t have to suffer through unpleasant smells anymore. X3D Pro Low Odour Resin has minimal smell while also offering high precision, fast curing times, low shrinkage rate, great detail, and a smooth finish.

Myth #3: Resin printing is messy

Part of the drawbacks of resin printing is the mess that it creates as it involves forming a print out of a vat of resin, which results in plenty of spillages and staining of surfaces and clothes. The good news is X3D Pro Water Washable resin can be easily washed away with water for easy-to-clean spills. It also helps during post-processing as you no longer need to use isopropyl alcohol to smooth it down.

Myth #4: Resin printing is limited to rigid prints

It used to be that resin printing is inflexible and can only create miniature models & prototypes that are good to look at but not necessarily functional. With the new X3D Pro Flexible resins, you can create bendable and compressible parts for different applications, including dental prostheses.

Myth #5: High-quality resins are expensive

Typically, good quality is usually attached to a high price. However, that isn’t always true. You can still get good products at a reasonable price. As with X3D Pro products, you only get consistently good products at a more affordable price than other brands. As with our FDM filaments, we also offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for our resins: If you’re not satisfied with our products, get a replacement or refund for free! We also offer free shipping for orders above $100.

It’s time to switch to resin printing with X3D Pro Resins!

Thanks to technological advancements, you can now achieve new heights with resin printing. To get exceptional results, order our X3D Pro Resin collection. For inquiries, you can contact us through phone or email.

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