The Best X3D Printing Deals for November

It is the time of the year again for amazing deals. After the year we have just had, we deserve to treat ourselves and our loved ones with the best 3D printing materials out there. And X3D does not disappoint. We will be having MANY jaw-dropping promos for November to spread the cheer and prepare you for the holidays. Plan your 3D printing projects ahead since you won’t be able to resist our weekly specials for this month!

November, Week 1: 50% off on X3D Pro Silk PLA samples

Have you ever wanted to try our X3D Pro Silk PLA but not sure if it is for you? Well, now you can with our half-off discount on X3D Pro Silk PLA samples! Each sample pack contains five 10-meter filaments in random colours. 

Perfect model to use it for: CUTE FLEXI PRINT-IN-PLACE ANT by FlexiFactory

November, Week 2: $10 off X3D Pro Wood rolls

The problem with using wood filaments is that they don’t usually look and feel like wood up close. That’s not the case with the X3D Pro Wood filaments. Made from recycled wood and a binding polymer, this filament produces authentic wooden objects that can be cut, sanded, and painted just like real wood objects. Since it is a PLA-based filament, you can expect that it is easy to print with. 

Perfect model to use it for: HOLED WOOD VASE by ITALYmaker

November, Week 3: X3D Pro PLA bundle, Buy 4 for the price of 3 with FREE SHIPPING!

PLA is the lifeline of any 3D printmaker. If you always find yourself running out, then here’s your chance to stock up on our bestselling X3D Pro PLA with our buy 3, get 1 with free shipping promo! Imagine all the projects you can do with these filaments! 

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November, Week 4: Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday wouldn’t be the same without our annual Mega X3D Sale. We always aim to please, so you can expect that we’re cooking up something special for you this year. We’re keeping it a surprise for now, but follow us on Facebook and Instagram for spoilers! 

#X3DHero: Chance to win a free limited-edition X3D shirt when you upload your prints created with X3D filaments

Your 3D-printed creations deserve recognition, especially if you used our filaments. Show it off by tagging us on Instagram and using the hashtag #X3DHero and if you get lucky, we’ll feature you on our page and website and you’ll get a free limited-edition X3D shirt!

Get the best 3D printing deals this November on X3D!

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