10 3D Printing Projects for Gardening

Gardening has become the world’s favourite pastime since the lockdown started and it has continued on even as restrictions ease. If you’ve discovered – or rediscovered – your green thumb over this period, let 3D printing technology enrich the way you do gardening. Here are 10 cool 3D printed ideas for gardening to help you get started.


  1. Aromatic Herb Labels by Brignetti_Lognoni

    Little herb plants can seem identical to the untrained eye. If you have an herb garden going on, these herb labels will help you identify each herb plant you have. They are colourful and cute, making them perfect accessories to your plants

  2. Tin can Birdhouse by Samuel Bernier, Project RE_

    If upcycling waste is your thing, then this 3D printed birdhouse using a tin can will WOW you! All you need is a 4-inch diameter tin can and the STL files to this print, a little assembly, and VOILA -- a little house for the little bird visitors to your garden.

  3. Desktop Gardening Tools by Trisha

  4. If you’re just starting out in gardening, here are tiny tools that you can use. These desktop gardening tools are perfect for small plants. Of course, once your plants grow, you might need something bigger.

  5. Garden post cap by Schoppepetzer

    Garden post caps are at the mercy of rains and sunshine, making them easy to rust and erode. With this 3D printed cap, you can protect them from the harsh elements of the environment. 

  1. Bee Hotel by Lorrainedelgado3DBEES

    Bees need a place to stay too. With this bee hotel, you can be sure that they can have a 5-star stay while in your garden! They’ll also be more likely to stick around, therefore giving your plants the much-needed cross-pollination.

  2. Y-Splitter by 3Dponics

    Hydroponic is a form of gardening that doesn’t use soil and instead uses a solution of water and nutrients. If this is your thing, then you’ll find this 3D printed y-splitter useful. It allows you to “split the tubing to power multiple 3Dponics systems using just one air bubbler.” The creator also has other 3D printed hydroponic tools that you might want to check.

  3. Plastic Bottle Watering Can (with hose) by serial_print3r

    Why buy when you can make your own? If you have been 3D printing for a while and want to start gardening as well, you can 3D print most of your tools, including your watering can. This watering can attachment turns any bottle into a watering can. 

  4. Automatic Smart Plant Pot by DIYMachines

    If you really want to challenge yourself, here’s a 3D printing project for you! For those who want to or are skilled at creating Arduino projects, you can create a self-watering pot that will nourish your plant for you even if you forget. It requires a bit of assembly and quite a long list of materials, so don’t say we didn’t warn you! 

  5. Shishi Odoshi "Deer Scarer" Japanese Water Fountain by jelson

    A great garden decor, this Japanese water fountain provides zen while also leveling up your indoor garden. This also requires a bit of assembly but we guarantee that it’s worth it. 

  6. Low Poly Planter - Wide Top by OmNomNomagon

    Need to repot your plants? Here’s a good 3D printed pot design that can serve as a new home for your plants and accent piece for your coffee tables, desks, or windows. 

Work on your gardening and 3D printing skills with these 3D printed gardening tools & decor!

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