Christmas 3D Printing Ideas to Feel the Holiday Spirit

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Still not feeling the holiday spirit? Here are some festive 3D printing ideas from Thingiverse and Pinshape to get you in the mood this Christmas. You can also save money by creating personal items when using these ideas to decorate your place or give them as gifts to your family and friends.

Christmas Card/Frame by Watchmaker

Create this Christmas Card/Frame to showcase photos of you and your family. This is also a great idea for a gift.

This frame consists of two parts. The frame itself and the Merry Christmas decoration on the top.

Recommended filaments:


Christmas Cookie Bowl by heapstar


Reward and impress Santa when you leave him cookies and milk when you use this beautiful 3D printed cookie bowl. You would need to make the printing watertight for this bowl by adjusting your slicer to over-extrude the filament. You can do so by tweaking a couple of slicer settings. Since this will be used for food, prepare for food-safe 3D printing by cleaning your extruder and using a food-safe filament and nozzle.

Recommended filaments:


Holiday Lantern with Swappable Panels by dehart007

Want to create a customisable holiday lantern? Check out this holiday lantern with swappable panels. You can choose to stick with the panels that it comes with or create your own. Don’t know how? The creator also welcomes requests through the link above.

After printing, insert a tea light to light it up.

Recommended filaments:

X3D Pro White ABS

X3D Pro White PLA

Gingerbread Cookie Cutter by OogiMe

Do you enjoy baking cookies or know someone who does? Make baking more fun with these cute Gingerbread Cookie Cutter. The creator also created a "complete holiday cookie collection, which you can check out here. ":

Recommended filaments:


Holiday Light Necklace/Bulbs by CoasterLabs

This Holiday Light Necklace may be a bit more complicated for the 3D printing novice, but the end result is worth it. You need to buy a small chipboard to automate the lighting and do a bit of soldering to attach the bulbs.

Recommended filaments:


Lockable Present Ornament by jijimath

This ornament presents so many opportunities. Aside from using it as an ornament on your Christmas tree, you can also use it as a reusable gift box. If you are planning to propose this holiday, you can even put your engagement ring in it. It is also lockable so your significant other won’t find out until the intended time.

Recommended filaments:


Enjoy the holidays with these Free Christmas 3D Printing Ideas

Nothing like beautiful holiday 3D printing ideas to get you in the mood for Christmas. For inquiries about 3D printer filaments, contact us through phone or email.

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