4 Reasons to buy X3D Pro Resins

Resin printing is the next level to FDM printing. It creates high-resolution prints that FDM printing can’t replicate. However, it comes at a price: resin printers and the printing process itself are more high-maintenance and require more skill than FDM printing. 

Fortunately, recent advancements have made resin printing easier, such as the new X3D Pro Resin range. Our resins have been formulated to provide solutions for the common resin printing problems, such as the messiness, brittleness, and inflexibility of the prints, as well as the noxious fumes during printing. To convince you, here are the 4 reasons why X3D Pro Resins are the next-gen resins. 

1. X3D Pro Resin allows for easier post-processing

Resin prints don’t just come out looking good and polished. The print still needs to undergo cleaning and post-processing to get it to look like the fabulous model that you have designed (or downloaded off the internet). With X3D Pro Water Washable Resin, you get to skip the whole post-processing step and save on isopropyl alcohol. You only need to wash it with water to rinse off the excess resin and for the details of your prints to shine through. It is safe for the environment as it has no IPA, no detergent, and can be 100% cleaned by water. It is also low odour and less irritating to the skin. 

Don’t be fooled by its ease of dissolution, this resin is made from properties similar to ABS while still offering high precision and excellent print quality that X3D Pro resins are known for. 

Tip: After rinsing the prints, we recommend placing the waste water under UV light or simply leave it outdoors for several days in order to cure any resin traces. The solidified resin can then be simply sifted out and disposed of as normal solid waste. 

2. X3D Pro Resin creates stronger prints

For those who create functional 3D prints, resin printing may seem like a frivolous investment as the brittleness of its prints only allow for prototypes, models, jewelry, and other non-functional items. The X3D Pro Extra Tough resin changes all that as it is made from 90% anti-scratch ABS properties. Due to its excellent physical strength, hardness, and toughness, this resin can be used for LCD 3D printing projects where the parts require screwing and drilling. It is also great for outdoor items as it has great weathering characteristics.

3. X3D Pro Resin makes flexible prints

Another thing that 3D printing enthusiasts gripe about resin printing is the inflexibility of the prints it produces, making the type of prints they can produce with it limited. With X3D Pro Flexible Resin, you can finally produce flexible prints with varying degrees of flexibility. You can mix a small amount with your favourite resin to add a bit of flex to your print. Printing with this resin alone can give you TPU flexibility for your prints. It is easy to print with as it provides fast printing, less deformation, and high precision with a smooth surface. It is also impact resistant and anti-folding.

4. X3D Pro Resin isn’t offending to the nostrils

Resins are usually unpleasant to print with due to the noxious fumes they emit. X3D Pro Low-Odour resin emits very little odour while also offering fast curing times, high-precision, low shrinkage rate, great detail, and a smooth finish at a great price. It also produces very tough prints with tenacity. Lastly, it is also available in eight colours, which can be combined to make new colours. 

X3D Pro Resins are the Resins of Choice

X3D Pro ushers a new age of resin printing with its new resin range that is easy to use and excellent mechanical properties. For inquiries, you can contact us by phone or email

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