Cool 3D Printing Ideas for Pets

3D printing technology is already useful in different projects, such as home repairs, home decorations, and car part projects. Pet care accessories are another expense that can be done away with when you have a 3D printer. 

As with many fur parents, our pet babies rule our hearts. There’s nothing we wouldn’t do to make our fur babies happy, comfortable, and well, spoiled. If you have a 3D printer, it is easy to create pet accessories and costumes for them. Here are cool 3D printing ideas for your little dogs or cats. 

1. Self Service Pet Food 2.0 by MarcoMT

Teach your pets to become independent with this self service feeder! This feeder will only dispense food into the bowl once your pets learn how to move the trigger, preventing overfeeding and food wasting. 

2. Anti-Hair Adhesive Roller by yutik

Not necessarily for your pets but for you. As a pet parent, you’re probably all too familiar with fur baby’s hair shedding on upholstery and clothes. This adhesive roller will clean their shedding right up! The designer created it to roll more smoothly, be sturdier against uneven surfaces, and secures the adhesive roll better. 

3. Cat Toy Race Track by hemocyanin

All sleep and no play makes a cat a dull pet. Entertain them while sharpening their skills with this 3D-printed pet toy. You only need to print the six sections, assemble them, and add in the ball for maximum entertainment for your cats. 

4. Food Distributor by BODY_3D

Got a pet with an eating addiction? Make them work hard for their treats with this food distributor! With a little assembly, your cat will be incentivised with a few treats here and there whenever they play with this toy. 

5. FiGO | Rear Support Pet Wheelchair by Rickee

Pet care items can be expensive and inaccessible, especially ones used for healthcare and medical needs. But with a 3D printer, you can print your own pet wheelchair at a fraction of the cost. With some filaments, screws, and assembly, you can get your sick pet moving around comfortably in no time. 

6. Self Cleaning Cat Toilet by Der_Stihl

Your pets need their privacy too when they’re doing their business! Give them the gift of modesty when you print this self-cleaning cat toilet. It requires some wiring and Arduino knowledge to get its self-cleaning feature to work. 

7. Dog Leash Holder - Hands-Free Dog Walk by viper2097

Do you get tired of holding the leash while you’re walking your dog? Or maybe your hands are full and would like to be able to walk the dog without your things slipping from your fingers. If you ever need a “third hand” to help you walk your dog, then this contraption is it. This dog leash holder hooks on your belt so that you can attach the leash there instead. 

8. Cute Dog Muzzle Duck by TomasLA

Has your dog been a bad boy? While this muzzle may not minimise your dog’s shame of wearing it, it can certainly make their photos look cute! This is a perfect costume for when you have friends and family over to make your dog look less menacing than they actually are. 

9. Dog Bowl Water Bottle Carrier by dadhoc

Keep your dog hydrated during walks with this dog water bowl. It smartly attaches to a water bottle. However, as bottles have different shapes and sizes, you may want to customise the specs. The bowl also has paw print marks on the bottom to prevent it from rolling over while the dog is drinking. 

10. Accessories for Dogs for Collecting Dog’s Feces by waiman

Don’t ever forget to bring a doggy bag again when taking your dog out with this bag bin that can be attached to the dog’s leash. It is a smart accessory that is easy to print and requires no support. It can fit up to four nylon bags. 

Treat your pets with 3D-printed toys and accessories!

These 3D-printed pet accessories and toys will surely get tails-wagging! For filaments to use, check out our wide range of X3D Pro filaments. They come in a wide range of colours and materials to suit your needs. For inquiries, you can call or email us here

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