New 3D Printing Ideas for the Latest X3D Creative Filaments

Stuck in a rut lately with your 3D printing projects? Maybe you need to experiment with new creative filaments to get you inspired. Get inspiration from these 3D printing ideas using our latest creative 3D printer filaments from X3D! 

1. X3D Pro Wood 

‘Wood’ you want to 3D print something that looks carved? It can be so wood-like that you can actually carve, sand, and paint your 3D print! Yes, it is possible with X3D Pro Wood. The X3D Pro Wood filament is made with recycled wood and a binding polymer, giving your print a real wood look and feel. 

Available in 1.75 (link above) and 3.00mm

X3D Pro Wood 3D Printing Ideas


HOLED WOOD VASE by italymaker

TOOTHLESS Herb Grinder - by 420ThreeD by guerillacaterpillar

2. X3D Pro Stone

If you’ve always wondered how it is to craft with stone, then you don’t need to wonder. This X3D Pro Stone will have you producing beautiful sculptures and vases without getting dirty and dusty. This filament is made of a composite, upgraded PLA material that gives off a stone-like appearance. Since it is similar to our popular regular PLA, it is odourless while having low shrinkage and good rigidity.

X3D Pro Stone 3D Printing Ideas

Wavy organic bowl, cups, vase and flower pot. by PRATRIK


Spiral Planter by Maindog

3. X3D Pro Diamond Series

Diamonds are not just a girl’s best friend. It can be a 3D printers too with the X3D Pro Diamond Series filament. This filament gives off a sparkle like no other. It is also made of composite, upgraded PLA material, featuring biodegradability, toughness, odourlessness, low shrinkage, and good rigidity.

X3D Pro Diamond Series 3D Printing Ideas

Shower tray / Panier de douche by Pierrolalune63

Scale model of the Solar System (remix) by peglegparty

Cup Mats with Holographic effect by MrDooo

4. X3D Pro Silk PLA

If you want to print something metallic without the danger of clogging your nozzles, look no further than our X3D Pro Silk PLA. Its prints may look metal-like, but this filament is made of a Polymer composite PLA material and without any metal, making it easier to print than metal-filled filaments. 

X3D Pro Silk PLA 3D Printing Ideas

Nut & bolt pencil organizer by jtebert

Steampunk Octopus Fix by Ruinedit

Back Horn Speaker V2.0 BL2 - Bluetooth, Active, Passive by guppyk

5. X3D Pro Marble

Now, if you fancy yourself a mason, you can create beautiful marble busts and sculptures with the X3D Pro Marble. It is made entirely of a composite, upgraded PLA material so it is guaranteed to be non-clogging and easy to print with. As with all our PLA-based filaments, it is biodegradable, tough, low-shrinking, and rigid.

X3D Pro Blue Marble is also available


X3D Pro Silk PLA 3D Printing Ideas

MARBLE TABLE LIGHT by unisjamavari

Geometric Concrete Pot Mold by esparapse



6. X3D Pro Twinkling Filament PLA & Eryone Galaxy Glitter PLA

Glitter effects look best for ornaments and accessories. These glitter PLAs will give your 3D prints the twinkle that you desire. These are both made from PLA material, making them odourless and easy to print with. As with all X3D Pro PLA filaments, our Twinkling filament is high-strength, tough, biodegradable, rigid, and low-shrinking. 

On the other hand, the Eryone Galaxy Glitter PLA gives off a gysophilic effect, resulting in a chock-full of glitters on the surface. 


The Pineapple by yeg3d


7. X3D Pro Glow 

Remember your child-like wonder when you first discovered glow-in-the-dark stickers and toys? That wonder does not have to cease in adulthood. Relive your childhood or pass on your love for glow-in-the-dark toys to your kids with the X3D Pro Glow. Our filament is made from PLA material infused with a phosphorescent material.

X3D Pro Silk PLA 3D printing Ideas

Tony Stark's Arc Reactor by Skimbal



Create anything you want with X3D Pro Creative Filaments!

The sky’s the limit with your imagination with our X3D Pro creative filaments. Our varied collection of beautiful and easy-to-print-with filaments allow you to create anything you can imagine. From glitters to metals and stone, you can create objects that you wouldn't have thought possible with a 3D printer. For inquiries, you can call or email us

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