Fun & Creative 3D Printed Back-to-School Supplies & Accessories


We’ve talked about the ways 3D printing technology benefits schools and how you can incorporate 3D printing into different lessons for all levels. Now you can also create your school supplies and accessories for this upcoming school term. Not only can you save up on shopping expenses, but you can also personalise your stuff. Here are 3D printed school supplies and accessories for the new school term. 

1. The Frog Dissection Kit by Makerbot


Many frogs’ lives can be spared with this 3D-printed Frog Dissection Kit by Makerbot. It is now possible to teach basic frog anatomy to students without being grossed out or the mess of dealing with real frogs. 

2. Strong Light Repositionable Laptop Stand by bartnijs

Laptops have become a necessity for most students, especially during the lockdown. And it looks like it’s not about to change anytime soon. Whether a student’s desk is too small or they need a platform so that their laptop is levelled to their eyes, this laptop stand is a great desk item. It is repositionable so that the student can use their laptops standing up, sitting down, or on different surface heights. It is also strong enough to support laptops of any size and light enough so that it is easy to bring anywhere. 

3. Twisted WiFi Controlled Desk Lamp by Surrbradl08

Want to learn basic programming while also sharpening their 3D printing skills? Create this WiFi-controlled light-changing desk lamp! Not only will you learn something new, but you will also have a cool lamp you can use while burning the midnight oil studying!

4. Pages holder by Cruele

This page holder can encourage even the laziest reader to start reading. It is also easy to print as it requires no assembly at all. 

5. Wireframe Skull Pencil Holder (For The Love of Dog) by philnelson

Don’t leave pens and pencils lying around. Organise your desk with this cool skull pencil holder! It can also be used as desk decor or a vase. 

6. Solo Finger Pen by WorksBySolo

Why write the way you normally do when you can write by finger? Yes, it is possible with this 3D-printed solo finger pen contraction! 


This 3D-printed spirograph is a cool drawing tool to develop your artistic talents. With each set containing a spirograph and 3 different pen holders, you can create a variety of patterns and drawings which promotes creativity. 


With this pencil case with a twist, you literally have to twist it to open it. It requires a bit of assembly with a spring mechanism to make it work. But you can customise the colours to make it truly your own. 

9. TAPE DISPENSER by leFabShop


Sometimes, you need something simple that does the job effectively. This tape dispenser does just that with no frills or aplomb. 

10. LONDON DESK TIDY - support free by Marco Autilio

Nothing like a tidy desk to keep the mind sharp and ready to learn new things. Keep your desk organised with this desk organiser. It is also easy to print as it does not require supports. 

Make the new school term exciting with these 3D-printed Back-to-School Supplies and Accessories! 

You no longer have to worry about mixing things up with another student with these custom 3D-printed school supplies and accessories. With our filaments’ wide range of colours, you can customise your 3D prints to your heart’s content. Take advantage of our Buy 3 X3D Pro filaments and resins, get 1 cheaper filament for free promo! Lasts until 30 January, so shop now! 

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