10 Fun 3D Printing Ideas Using X3D Pro Silk PLA

Have you tried a new X3D filament lately? Printing with the same filament over and over again for different 3D printing projects can be limiting you from reaching your full potential as a creator. 

While other filament types are notorious for being hard to print with and better left for industrial printing, you could try other creative PLA blends, such as the X3D Pro Silk PLA. X3D Pro Silk PLA has the same characteristics as our regular PLA: biodegradable, has a low shrinkage rate, and good rigidity! 

Unlike regular PLA though, our Silk PLA lends a shiny, metallic sheen on your 3D prints without the need for post-processing. If you’re looking to try a new 3D filament in Australia, print these 3D printing ideas with our X3D Pro Silk PLA!

1. TT Furious Tourbillon by mcmaven


Whether you’re a watchmaker or just want a cool desk decor, this TT Furious Tourbillon will be an ambitious project for you. Patterned after the tourbillons of the luxury watch Jacob and Co. Twin Turbo Furious, this 3D printed version is fully functional. This project requires multiple parts and would require you to buy tools and a motor to get it to work. You can purchase the entire non-printed parts needed for this project from MakerRx

2. Vase #265 by _Steve

Print this whimsical vase using your favourite colour from our wide colour range of X3D Pro Silk PLA. This vase makes for a perfect gift to your indoor plant-crazy friend or for yourself! 

3. LED Ring Lamp (esp, wifi) by matphillips

This sleek and stylish LED-controlled ring lamp is a perfect use for X3D Pro Silk PLA. It has a metallic surface that the Silk PLA can easily mimic. As it is an electric lamp, you would need to buy electronic components and LED light and patience for assembly to make it work. Fortunately, it is easy to print and needs no support.

4. Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber Crystal Reveal by UnimatrixRed

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there was a young Jedi who fashioned a heavy-duty, maximum-strength lightsaber unlike any other. It is said that the light sabre encased mysterious crystals. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in a battle years later. You can now recreate it, thanks to this project created by UnimatrixRed. While you will not be able to equip it with crystals to power you through your battles, you can install lights instead and pretend they’re crystals. May the force be with you in this project, young Padawan.

5. The Lament Configuration (Tongue and Groove) Prop by pariah_l

The Lament Configuration is a puzzle box featured in the Hellraiser movie series that is said to be a key to another dimension. Printing one with our X3D Pro Silk PLA does not guarantee that you’ll be able to travel through different dimensions. But maybe you can, who knows? 

6. Whale Tail Earphone Wrap by Renee_Taylor

Don’t you hate it when your earphones get all twisted up in your bag? You won’t have that problem anymore with this whale tail earphone wrap! It is easy to print with yet so useful. 

7. Closed Hands for Jewelry/Key Holder/Decoration by Ivankahl3D

Everyone needs that one container where all sorts of junk go in. For some, it’s a random kitchen drawer and for others, it’s a decorative bowl or sculpture like this 3D print. This sculpture can be used as a key holder for your foyer, a candy bowl for guests, jewelry holder for your boudoir, or just a decorative conversation piece on your coffee table. With the X3D Pro Silk PLA, you don’t have to do any post-processing to get the marvelous metallic sheen like in the photo. 

8. Rabbit Tape Dispenser by Kangoo-roo

With the wide colour range of our Silk PLA, you’ll have plenty to choose from when undertaking this 3D-printed rabbit tape dispenser project. Your sticky tape will no longer roll off the desk or make it hard to find its end with this dispenser. It also looks cute and makes for perfect desk decor.

9. Gruyère Chandelier by IamMaker

Any bare overhead bulb can look stylish with this 3D-printed chandelier. Usually, overhead lamps like this cost a lot, but you will only need to buy the electrical components and filament to create this gruyere chandelier. The metallic sheen of the filament will make your lamp look classy and expensive.

10. Marshall Key Hanger by ibongaroa

Audiophiles will love this Marshall amp key hanger. The Silk PLA makes it look like the real thing with the gold bar and silver jacks. According to the creator, you can also add cloth over the grille if you prefer to add more authenticity. 

Get inspired with our X3D Pro Silk PLA filament!

Test your creativity and imagination with the X3D Pro Silk PLA. You can only find this amazing 3D filament in Australia through X3D. Check out other X3D Pro filaments, including our popular PLA, through this link. 

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