How to Incorporate 3D Printing into Your Homeschooling Plan


Coronavirus has impacted not just the economy but also the education sector. Schools have had to adapt the curriculum by organizing homeschooling lesson plans for term two. It is hard enough for teachers to make school more engaging and interactive for students in classrooms, but now it is going to be harder for you to stop your kids from the many distractions at home.

Luckily, there’s a way to make homeschooling lessons more enjoyable if you have a 3D printer. Here are some examples of how 3D printing can be incorporated into each subject, to make learning more fun and educational for your kids:


There are many theories, concepts and technologies from biology to physics that can be explored with 3D printing. Children can learn about robotics, the solar system, and create their own scientific experiments.

Buba Robotics Hand by CGPdesign

This may need electronic components but getting this robotic hand to work is a cool and educational experience.

Mars Globes (Highly & slightly exaggerated) by neurothing

See the mountains on Mars in their full glory with these 3D printed Mars globes. Photos don’t do justice to the planet’s dimensions and terrain. Your children will better understand Mars environment and appearance when they design and study the 3D printed version of the planets.

Water Turbine School Science Experiment by elkayem

Let your children discover hydroelectric power generation in a measurable and repeatable way. High school students can learn more about physics with this model as it teaches them how to calculate turbine power efficiency, power transfer, and other physical properties requiring a basic understanding of potential energy, Ohm’s law, and other high school physics principles.


Since the kids can’t go on field trips this term, it could be a great idea for them to see historical places up close at home with 3D printed models. They can also explore primitive tools that were used in ancient times.

The Great Pyramid of Giza by MakerBot

Egypt may be in another continent, but children will feel like they’re stepping foot on one of the Seven Wonders of the World when they 3D print the Great Pyramid of Giza. This helps them understand the history and purpose of the Pyramid to Ancient Egyptian history.

The Drakkar by MakerBot

The Drakkar was a wooden longship that was used by Captain Leif Erikson, the first European to set foot on North America. This marine vessel is commonly used in that time and features an animal head or dragon into its prow.

Adze by HollowaySmith

The Adze is one of the first tools that was used by people in the Stone Age. Your children will learn about the primitive tool; how it was created and used by many cultures around the world.


Make math more fun and fulfilling with these 3D printed models. Children will not only easily grasp concepts with visual aids but will also understand the numbers and equations behind them.

Half of a 120-cell by henryseg

“The 120-cell is one of the six regular 4-dimensional polytopes. This is the result of taking the edges of the polytope, radially projecting them onto the unit 3-sphere in 4-dimensional space, then stereographically projecting the result into our 3-dimensional space.”

Beginning Addition and Subtraction Manipulatives by happycamper

These are tactile and visual models that help children see the mathematical relationships during addition and subtraction problems.

Daily Equation #10 – Sinc Function – y = a*sin(b*x)/(b*x) by skaye

One way to remember complicated equations is to create 3D printed representations of them. The designer, skaye, has created more equations in her profile.


Even though the kids have to stay at home, they can still learn more about their country and the world with 3D printed maps. They can print out a map of Australia or the world map. You can also incorporate other areas of study, such as politics, history and science when putting together the models

Make homeschooling lessons more fun and enriching with these 3D printing ideas!

By utilising these 3D printed models in your homeschooling plan, your kids will learn more about the world and how it came to be. If you or your kids require filaments to print them out, you can order from our wide range of bestselling X3D Pro filaments. They come in different types and colours to suit your every need.


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