X3D Pro Gradient PLA 1kg 1.75 mm

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Size: 1.75 mm
Color: Winter
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Gradient Translucent Filament for any Season!

X3D Gradient is a translucent PLA 1.75mm filament is a unique filament for any FDM 3D printers consuming 1.75mm filament. 


  • Gradient Translucent for lighting show through
  • Odourless and toxic free
  • The finish on all four options is incredibly crisp, with no blobs or hairs
  • The transition are slow and very gradual, without obvious ‘banding’.
  • Low shrinkage level, strong stability and good tensile strength
  • Good adhesion to heated bed
  • Easy to print with, no jamming
  • Safe to use for children
  • A X3D Premium product, tested and approved for 3D-printing


Spool Size
Inner diameter 53.5mm
External diameter 200mm
Thickness 64mm

Printing Parameters

  • 185-210 C Extruder
  • Bed temp – set @ 55 C
  • Print Speed 50-100mm/s
  • Movement Speed 90-150mm/s


Store filament away from the sun and in a sealed plastic bag with the silicon moisture bag inside.


Price inclusive of GST

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