StoneFil - Pottery Clay 1.75mm

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StoneFil Pottery Clay is a PLA-based filament which is based on modified and easy-to-print EasyFil PLA compound and is gravimetrically filled with 50% of powdered stone.

This high “stone filling” has resulted in a 3D printer filament with remarkable aesthetic features and a significant higher material density up to 37% higher than “normal” PLA.

StoneFil is an easy-to-print 3D printer filament and printed objects have an extremely matte stone-like finish with unique natural gradient colour linings resulting in an exceptional chromatic spectrum per print. Every StoneFil printed object will have its own identity and unique gradient colour shading.

Unique features

  • Easy-to-print

Filament length

0.5 Kg spool
1.75mm ± 122m

  • 50% gravimetric powdered stone filling
  • ±37% heavier than “normal” PLA
  • Matte and rough stone-like finish
  • Unique natural/organic gradient colour linings

Every print has its unique natural stone gradient colour shading

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Nozzle cleaning

When printing with filled/composite filaments it is recommended to clean your nozzle immediately after printing by feeding 15-20cm PLA filament through your nozzle. This will make sure that any potential fillers are flown out of your nozzle. It is even better to use glow in the dark PLA as the extremely hard phosphorous particles are much more likely to scrape out residual waste from your nozzle.

Vase 3d printed from pottery clay filament

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