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Protect and Store Your Filaments

PolyBox™ is a filament storage box that allows you to store your materials in their optimum printing environment while still being able to print with them.

PolyBox™ features a thermo-hygrometer to monitor your filaments inside the box. The humidity is regulated by large desiccant bags which absorb moisture from the air inside the PolyBox™, specifically designed for hygroscopic materials such as PolySmooth™, PVA or Nylon.

The PolyBox™ can house two 1kg spools simultaneously or one 3kg spool and is compatible with both 1.75mm and 2.85mm filament diameters.

That 3D Print Guy – Review

Will the 3D Print Guy gives his thoughts and opinion on the PolyBox.


  • Desiccant specifications 4*Desiccant sachets 100g
  • Supported filament spools 2 spools ≤ 1kg or 1 spool 3kg
  • Humidity range 10-99%
  • Accuracy ±5%
  • Resolution 1%
  • Response 10 seconds
  • Temperature range -50~70 °C
  • Accuracy ±1 °C
  • Battery specifications LR44*1
  • Product size 315(L)190(W)310(H)
  • Package size 196(L)320(W)320(H)
  • Product weight (without desiccants and wires) 1.150kgs
  • Package weight 1.700kgs


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Customer Reviews

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Simple,elegant solution

This is a great alternative to my DIY dry box. The rollers on proper bearings and the choice of 3 outlets in the lid or base are the little things that make it worth the price. Only downsides I had are the silca dessicant that came with it must have already adsorbed some moisture as I couldn't get the moisture below 20%. Easily fixed by adding my own indicating dessicant which I had planned to do anyway. The display also froze on me but was fixed by just pulling out the battery for a few seconds.


A simple and no-nonsense solution to keeping filament dry. The included rollers and tube make it easy to run filament direct to the printer from the Polybox

Great dryer

It was so simple to use and the humidity dropped to 10% quickly. It’s going to help my printing lots as I have left too many of my filaments on the printer too long. Look forward to using the filaments that really need the protection from moisture in the air

Works well

This version II, has three outlet ports on the base and three on the cover. Works well
for those humidity sensitive filaments. I printed a simple desiccant holder with a small
12 volt fan to speed up the absorption once the chamber lid was attached. I dry the
desiccant and filament in a food dehydrator before use. Those Nylon filaments require
a dry/polybox to get the best results.
Cheers Arie

A Well Manufactured Product!

A little expensive, but it is very well made and I love the fact that I can have two reels setup inside for printing. Change over is very simply. Some people think that these are a waste of time, but I have had the experience of blow outs in my prints due to moisture in my filament, so for me it is no waste of time!

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