ApolloX CF10 - 1.75mm

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Size: 1.75 mm
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High Speed Compatible 350mm/s

ApolloX CF10 is a modified ASA based 3D printer filament with improved mechanical properties and is suitable for 3D printing mechanical parts and outdoor applications with high precision and zero warping.

ApolloX CF10 combines all benefits of ApolloX filament plus 10% carbon fibers. ApolloX CF10 is a high-performance carbon fiber reinforced ASA filament.

The use of high modulus carbon fibers make ApolloX CF10 very lightweight and stiff. This engineering filament is very easy to 3D print on open desktop machines. No enclosure, or heated chamber needed. Its low shrinkage factor and perfect layer adhesion make ApolloX CF10 a breeze to print with.

Important key features

  • UV and weather resistant
  • Stiff with high modulus and impact resistance.
  • heat resistant up to 101°C
  • Super dimensional stability.
  • Easy to print on open desktop 3D printers.

Suitable applications

  • Aerospace ad automotive.
  • 3D printing housings and covers.
  • Rigid parts for outdoor applications.
  • Civil engineering applications.
  • Manufacturing end-use products

Carbon fiber reinforcement explained

Reinforcing filaments with carbon results in great benefits. It combines the unique properties of both materials.
The properties of the thermoplastic improve with everything carbon fibers offer. Carbon fibers offer lots of
benefits, such as:

  • Increasing stiffness
  • Reducing weight
  • Increasing tensile strength
  • Increasing dimensional stability
  • Reducing shrinkage / warping
  • Increasing heat resistance
  • Increasing chemical resistance
  • Masking layer lines with a matt surface finish in 3D printed objects

This makes carbon fiber reinforced filaments perfect for 3D printing applications that require stiffness and
lightweight properties.

Printing guidelines

  • Print temp: ± 255-265˚C
  • Heat bed: ± 95-105˚C
  • Layer Height: 0.05mm
  • Fan: Off 

Filament length

  • 0.750 gms spool
    1.75mm ± 281m


500 gms net. 



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