Is there a gap between the outer wall and infill?

Having gaps between the infill and outer perimeter walls are usually preventable with newer 3D printers as they have higher accuracy. However, newer and more advanced filaments increase the risk of this happening. Mostly, it is caused by the infill overlap being set to zero or not set. Sometimes, starting your print with the perimeter first can cause also cause minimal overlap which can introduce gaps.


You can adjust the infill settings, print speed, and hot end temperature in order to prevent this from happening in your next print.

  • Check the infill settings: Usually, you can adjust the Infill Overlap option in the slicing software and increase the value.
  • Slow down print speed: Printing at high speed can bring on a host of issues. If you are in a hurry, you can still print quickly but lower the print speed upon reaching the top layer.
  • Go from the inside out. In order to get the infill to bond to the outer walls better, set the printing to infill before perimeter shell.
  • Amp the hot end temperature: Advanced filaments need a higher temperature. You would want to increase the hot end temperature to make sure that the infill and the outer walls meet.