Did the print break free from the print bed?

The print not sticking to the print bed is one of the most common problems that could happen while printing. It could happen just as you are starting with the first layer or when your print is almost at the final frontier, which makes it even more heartbreaking.

There are times that the print just refuses to bond to the print platform. In this case, you would need something textured to get it to bond to the surface.

It could also be that there are discrepancies in the levelling of the print platform or the distance between the nozzle and platform.

In any of the above cases, the first tell-tale sign is if you see a string-like piece of filament either on the top of your print or if your whole print is made up of stringy filaments. Another sign is if you see parts of your model scattered on the print platform.


This problem is caused by a great number of things, so the solutions also vary.

  •  Amp up the texture and adhesion: It will be hard for your print to stick to the surface with a slippery base. Make sure that it is glued firm to the print bed by applying a thin layer of stick glue to the print platform. BuildTak sheets are also a classic fix since it is easy to install and fits most 3D printers. Other 3D printing experts also swear by Dimafix Pen, which offers adhesion for beds heated above 60ºC.
  • Wipe the print platform clean: Sometimes, it only requires a good cleaning to make the print bed sticky again. This is especially handy if you use glue frequently as its buildup and the grease from your hands can make the print bed eventually slippery.
  •  Make sure that the print bed is levelled: Leveling your print bed varies depending on the 3D printer you use. Some models are equipped with an auto levelling system and some require a manual approach. You can check the printer’s manual for how to level your print bed or you can also check out our comprehensive guide to levelling print beds here.
  •  Adjust the nozzle height: If your nozzle is too high, it would be hard for the extruded filament to stick to the platform. Set the nozzle height through your printer’s settings. Make sure that the height is just right since if it is set too low, it can brush against the print.
  •  Bolster up with supports: For prints with overhangs and extremities, it is advisable to add support structures so that your print won’t fall apart.
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