Do the overhangs look messed up?

Are you wondering why your print’s overhanging parts are ruined? It could be that they have nothing to support them. Thus, the material is extruded into thin air.


The most important fix for this is to add a support structure to hold these overhanging parts.

  •  Add in-model supports: While it can be complicated for 3D printing newbies, creating in-model support can prevent the typical support structure material from getting stuck in delicate parts of your model.
  •  Add supports: Use your slicing software to add a support structure to your print.
  •  Use a support platform: If your model has arms and other similar extrusions, create a solid block or wall of support.
  •  Split up the parts: Instead of using supports that can mar the print surface, just divide the model into separate prints, so that the overhangs can be printed as a base. You can just stick the parts back together in post-processing.
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