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Boo! We’re back again with both tricks and treats to keep this spooky season even scarier than the last. Halloween has always been a time to celebrate the macabre, the gruesome, and the bone-chilling --- all in good fun! For makers and 3D printheads, they commemorate the season by 3D designing and printing scary decors, cosplays, and gifts.

To keep your hearts racing and the hairs on the back of your necks, here are 10 Halloween 3D printing ideas from Thingiverse and Printables. 

1. Cup of Teeth by DaveMakesStuff

3d printed tooth cup

Whether you’re an aspiring orthodontist or just really love teeth, this Cup of Teeth by DaveMakesStuff will astound you while scaring off your guests. It is claimed to consist of a full set of adult teeth so you can memorise all the types of teeth while enjoying a cup of brew or two. 

2. Brain Bucket by H120Pilot

3d printed storage skull

If you fancy brains more (with fava beans and a nice Chianti), here’s a brain candy basket. This 3D-printed brain bucket also comes with a skull cap, brain, and jaw, but you can skip printing the other if all you want is a candy container. Otherwise, the complete set can be the perfect Halloween decoration for any spookhead or a plain old med student. 

3. Fidget boo by JustinSDK

3d printed fidget ghost

Stop your finger twiddling and fidget with this cute fidget ghost instead! Instead of working like a fidget spinner, you simply drag this ghost across a surface (like a glass on an ouija board) and be mesmerised by its movement. Who knows, you might get a message from beyond the grave!

4. Ghost Bobblehead by 3d-printy 

3d printed bobbly ghosts

Make sure you’re never alone while driving at night with this Ghost Bobblehead by 3D-printy. They may be scary but they will keep you company during long drives or long, lonely nights working at your desk. Coffin, Darth Vader, Abraham Lincoln, and pumpkin versions are also available. 

5. Halloween Pumpkin Mug by CMPDesign

3d printed pumpkin mug

If you’re looking for a good Halloween gift idea, this is it. This Halloween Pumpkin mug is functional as long as you use a food-safe material such as PETG

6. Croc Shoe Charms by bobdubay 

3d printed charms

Those cute Croc shoe Jibbitz can run pricey but you can 3D print them for a lot cheaper. To get into the Halloween spirit, outfit your Crocs with these Halloween-themed charms!

7. Mega Lego-like Skeleton (10:1 scale) by Julia Ebert | Download free STL model | Printables.com

Decorate your desk with this gigantic Lego-ish skeleton! It can be tricky to print as it has so many parts but when you get it right, it looks store-bought. Unfortunately, it’s not functional like a real Lego but it still makes for a cool ornament. 

8. PAC-MAN's Ghosts by tksgeo 

What if PAC-MAN was the villain? Wait, hear us out! What if he broke into a haunted house to steal food pellets and these ghosts were actually the trusted guardians of said pellets? Whatever the story is, these Ghosts night lamps look cool and are easy to print. 

9. Gizo the Spider (Original) by MerganMcFergan

If realistic spiders give you the creeps, the cute Gizo won’t. Perfect as a decor in the dark as the creator recommends using a Glow-in-the-Dark filament

10. Halloween Pumpkins by alex_3dprint

Get Jack-O-Lanterns that don’t rot after a couple of days with these 3D-printed Halloween Pumpkins. They have 3 versions, ranging from wacky pumpkin to downright scary pumpkin. It is designed to have a hole in the bottom for LED lamps. 

Get into the Halloween spirit with these spooky Halloween 3D printing designs!

Embrace the Halloween season in all its freaky and terrifying glory. If you’re printing any of these designs, don’t forget to stock up on affordable and high-quality X3D Pro filaments

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