Why It's Better to Buy Local 3D Printer Filaments & Resins

Many people have been turning to 3D printing for a hobby and for entertainment since the Covid-19 pandemic began. This trend has helped people develop their 3D printing skills and creativity, which resulted in amazing 3D printed items, such as 3D-printed gardening tools, replicas of themselves, and even tools and accessories to protect against Coronavirus.

In order to produce and achieve great results, you need quality 3D printing filaments and resins. Our X3D Pro range of filaments and resins have been designed to the highest quality and specifications to ensure you get a perfect print every time. Our products have been tested and tried not only by our quality assurance team but also by our customers, making sure they are reliable and produce consistent quality prints. Over the past 5 years, we have been committed to providing the best range of 3D printer material. Here are reasons why you need to make X3D Pro your first choice for 3D printing filaments and resins.

Superior product quality

Our X3D Pro filaments and resins are manufactured in compliance with RoHS standards. As mentioned earlier, they have also undergone rigorous quality testing to ensure the quality and performance of the filaments. These will guarantee that the chemicals used in our products are safe and that they will deliver quality prints.

Faster Delivery Times

Since our stock is held in our warehouse here in Australia, they will be able to get to you faster. Stocks are almost always readily available, so as soon as you place your order, your filaments will be sent out as quickly as possible without long-winding processes, customs checks, and extended shipping times.

Easier Return Process

No need to go through a complicated return process if you order local products. No time zone difference and no language barriers either. You can quickly return the product if it’s defective or not to your liking.

Supports the community and economy

Buying from local businesses does not only support the community at large but also generate income that will help the economy, which goes a long way during these bumpy times. A better economy provides more jobs, opportunities, and revenues for local companies. According to a report by The Clean Collective, every $1 million earned by a local Australian business gives back:

  • $333,900 in tax revenue
  • $985,000 in added value
  • $95,000 in welfare benefits saved
  • 10 full-time jobs

More environmentally friendly

Since local products travel shorter distances, they produce less carbon footprint than imported ones. Transportation is one of the biggest sources of carbon emissions, so we can help the environment by reducing the distance that our orders have to travel for.

We are also the only supplier in Australia who stock recycled PLA filament. Eco-friendly filaments are the future of 3D printing. Our expertly engineered filament gives you a better printing experience while helping the environment. They are biodegradable, sustainable and very easy to print. The X3D Recycle range will be available from 15th of September.

For high-quality 3D printer filaments, order from X3D Pro!

For anything you need, X3D has it all for you. We offer a wide range of 3D printer filaments and resins in all colours and types to suit your needs. Check out our X3D Pro filaments and resins today. Best of all, get free samples for all purchases and shipping for orders above $100 . For inquiries, you can also call and email us.


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