7 3D Printed Gifts for Father's Day

Father’s day is coming up and what better way to commemorate the occasion than give the men in your life a 3D printed gift that he’ll surely love. Whether your dad’s a nerd, a techie, or a goofball, here are seven 3D printed Father’s Day gift ideas.

1. Bladeless Fan by Elite Worm

It’s no longer just moms who’ll appreciate a good appliance as a gift. Dads do too! You’ll save hundreds of dollars by making this DIY Bladeless Fan by Elite Worm as a similar fan from Dyson could set you back for up to $548. With this project, you’ll need to purchase the mechanisms to get it to work and there is assembly and soldering involved. But this is a pretty cool project to make and it can be rewarding for you as a creator.

2. Bee Keys Holder by julien-roinard

Does your dad always lose his keys? He won’t anymore with this bee key holder! This object does not only keep the keys of the whole household, but it also serves as whimsical decor. Your dad won’t forget to leave his keys lying around with this on the wall.

3. 3D Printed Pinhole Camera by simiboy

If your dad is fascinated by photography, make him a 3D printed camera. This camera design creates an eerie and vintage effect on pics that smartphone cameras can’t quite replicate. It requires a shopping list of components to create the camera, visit the creator’s website in the link to find out more.

4. OpenRC Tractor Fertilizer by Makeitpro

Dad loves working on lawns but he’ll love it better if his tools do the work for him. For a gift that can help him work on the lawn, print this OpenRC tractor. It is an ambitious project as it requires quite a bit of electronics and assembly.

5. RC Avatar Scorpion by phongpp

Does your dad love remote-controlled toys? Create a battery-powered remote-controlled drone that he can fly for hours on end. This is quite an impressive toy to create but you’ll be glad to know that it is easy to assemble, according to the creator.

6. Violin by jteix

Yes, you can 3D print even musical instruments. This violin looks and works just like the real thing. It is also a lot cheaper to 3D print than to buy your own one, which is important when 3D printing a version of an item.

7. Ziggurat Pyramid Tool and SD Card Holder by LittleTup

If your dad has a lot of junk lying around, print him this tool and SD card holder to organise his things. Perfect for holding all his pens, SD cards, and other 3D printing stuff. You’ll score extra points with him if he’s a history or ancient architecture buff.

Give your dad the best Father’s Day gift ever with these 3D printed gadgets & tools!

Make this Father’s Day extra special for the men in your life with gifts that you created on your own. For filaments, you can check out our X3D Pro filament range for guaranteed superior print quality and consistency. For inquiries, contact us here.

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