3D Printing Ideas for Cosplayers

While it may be heartbreaking to learn that most cosplay events have been canceled this year, it doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate this year’s International Cosplay Day. The good thing about being stuck at home is that we’ll have plenty of time to work on our costumes and tools to recreate our favourite characters. Here are 10 3D printed costumes and props to enhance your homebound cosplay experience.

1. Doom 2016 DoomGuy Full Armor Wearable by 3dprintuniverse

Immerse yourself in the expansive world of Doom with this fully wearable armor based on the character’s design. All parts are 3D printable and are made to fit an adult within 170-180 cm.

2. Battle Kitten Ayumi by IsabellaMarques56

If you think of yourself as He-Man, make your pet cat your sidekick with this Battle Cats of Heman-inspired costume. Rest assured though, it won’t make your cat uncomfortable as it can be worn like a body harness.

3. Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Wearable Armor by 3dprintuniverse

Tired of dressing up as a Jedi? Playing the villain is definitely more fun! Be part of the elite space marines with this fully 3D-printed Stormtrooper costume. You may be wondering how you can print out a whole armor in your tabletop 3D printer. Worry not, you can print each part separately of course. The model creator also offers their cutting services to ensure that your costume looks polished.

4. Princess Zelda by Fastidious_Rex

While there have been many cosplay reiterations of this classic video game character, there’s still something quite different about incorporating 3D printing into this old cosplay favourite. Make your costume look more realistic with these 3D printed accents.

5. Pokeball by tresdeprint

Cosplaying as a Pokemon trainer is the lazy cosplayer’s dream. They wear everyday outfits, so you only need to find a wig similar to their hairstyles and a Pokeball, and your work is done. But why buy your accessories when you can create some of them? It is very easy to 3D print a Pokeball with the use of this STL file.

6. Deathstroke’s Mask + Cosplay Parts by Fayeya

Want to stand out in a world full of Batman cosplayers? Play as one of his archenemies. Deathstroke will be appearing in the next Batman film, so be ahead of the game and create this Deathstroke mask and costume right now.

7. Batman Cowls by Superior_Robin

That said, we won’t judge you if you love Batman. Batman is an enigmatic character, who wouldn’t want to be him even just for a day? Check out this creator’s Batman cowl creations that include versions from Arkham Origins, Injustice 2, and Batman Rebirth. He also creates headpieces of other characters, such as Batwoman, Robin, Iron Man, Spider Man, Green Arrow, and more.

8. Megaman Cosplay Rockman Cosplay Helment and Full Armor Staff Suit by DESERT-OCTOPUS

Being Megaman is no longer a childhood dream. You can now print a fully 3D printed armor with this designer’s fully wearable armor. This costume has several modified versions with the addition of Megaman’s face to the helmet and the belt alternative to the Megaman’s hotpants.

9. Left 4 Dead Witch Bride Cosplay Claws by andyways

We know that Halloween is still a few months away but this prop is just as good to wear now as it will be on Halloween. Wedding dress, tiara, and spooky makeup are not included.

10. Cosplay Accessory – Fortnite Kitsune mask by docvalentine

You can dress up as the adorable Kitsune pet with this high-resolution Fortnite Kitsune Mask. For those who have a small 3D printer, the file comes with a segmented version so you can print design in segments and just assemble it right after.

Get ready for your cosplay photoshoot with these 3D Printed Cosplay Costumes and Props!

This year, you can still show off your costume on social media. You can also take this downtime to design and create new costumes for when everything goes back to normal. For materials for your 3D printed cosplay costumes and props, you can order our high-quality filaments from the bestselling X3D Pro, FormFutura, and Polymaker range.

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