Top Filament Dryers & Storage 2022

If there’s one thing you need to learn before 2022 ends, it’s how to store your filaments properly. One of the most common problems that our customers experience is tangled filaments. While this can happen to 3D printers of any skill level, it is an entirely preventable issue.

Another thing that proper filament storage can prevent is filament bloating. With the summer bubbling up, humidity is at an all-time high and our filaments are at risk. The only way to prevent this is proper filament storage.

If filament problems are common for you, we’ve rounded up the best filament dryers and storage this 2022 to help you. 

1. Polymaker PolyBox Version 2

Price: $95.95

Polybox dryer

The Polybox elevates the typical airtight storage container with its thermo-hygrometer, a monitor that tells you the level of moisture inside the box. It also has large desiccant bags to absorb the moisture from the air inside the Polybox.

It was specially designed for Polymaker’s hygroscopic filaments, such as Nylon, PVA, and Polysmooth, but can also be used for filaments from other brands. It can house 2 1kg spools or a 3kg spool. 

2. Five Vacuum Sealing Bags with Filament Pump

Price: $24.95

Vacuum sealing bags for 3D filament

Sometimes, there is no simpler way to store your filaments than by using a vacuum-sealing bag. This pack contains five bags, a filament pump, 5 desiccants, and 2 sealing clips. Each bag has a measurement of 340*300mm.

If you need further convincing, we have a promo on this pack. Buy 2 rolls of X3D Pro PLA and get this pack for free!

Bonus: Sunlu Filament Dryer Box

Sunlu dryer box

If you already made the mistake of exposing your filaments to moisture, it’s not the end of the world! You can easily dry out your filaments with the Sunlu Filament Dryer Box. While many people choose to “bake” their bloated filaments to save money, it’s hard to regulate the temperature and most of them end up burning and melting their filaments! With the Sunlu Filament Dryer Box, you can leave your filament inside and forget about it! It shuts off automatically and not only dries out your filament but improves its print quality further.

It’s so popular that it’s currently sold out, but we can put you on our wishlist once it restocks.

Learn more about filament care & storage

We’ve published many guides on filament care, storage, and drying throughout the years. Check them out to learn about taking care of your filaments. 

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