3D Printing Must-Haves for November 2022

3D printing enthusiasts may think that the best thing to happen recently is Halloween. But we here at X3D want to keep the whole 3D printing community abuzz throughout the month with the best 3D printing deals! If you’re looking for a good bargain before Black Friday and Cyber Monday (yes, we still have something in store for you on those dates *wink, wink*), here are the top 3D printing must-haves for November 2022.

1. Vacuum Sealing Bags with Filament Pump

Vacuum sealing bags for filament

Tired of exposing your filaments to humidity and moisture especially now that the summer is coming? With these vacuum bags, your filaments will be dry and protected! Each pack comes with 5 vacuum bags, 1 air pump, 2 sealing clips, and 5 desiccants --- all for the price of $24.95 (tax-included). 

2. X3D Pro PLA

Our X3D Pro PLA is our bestselling filament. A favourite among the 3D printing community, it is a high-quality-grade filament that offers consistent feeding and stable prints. Just like other PLA brands, it is odourless and easy to print with. But the X3D difference is in its strong stability and solid tensile strength. When most PLA filaments are brittle and weak, our X3D Pro PLA has improved mechanical properties. 

X3D Pro Pla filament roll

If you’re a big fan of our X3D Pro PLA, we have plenty of good news for you! First, we are announcing its new price of $29.95 ($10 off!) for the 1kg roll. We’ve lowered the price but retained the quality. 

Vacuum bag offer

Second, for every order of two X3D Pro 1kg PLA or TPU rolls, you get a free pack of vacuum sealing bags. Yes, the same pack that we mentioned above! So you can buy a backup roll without worrying about it going bad. 

To avail of the promo, add the vacuum pack to your cart along with the 2 rolls of filaments.


3. The entire X3D Pro filament range

We are so passionate about 3D printing and we take pride in engineering a full range of high-quality 3D printer filaments that are well-performing and don’t break the bank. As such, we are constantly innovating and finding ways to make 3D printing more accessible to everyone from students to hobbyists.

Thus, we have lowered the prices of our X3D filaments without compromising on the quality. All of our filaments’ prices have been restructured, reducing the prices by up to $10. Check out our X3D Pro filaments page to learn more. 

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