Spine-Tingling Halloween 2020 3D Prints
(Source: shiuan via Thingiverse)

There’s an urban legend going around the 3D printing community that Halloween grinches will get cursed this year. How, you ask? Last year, many users reported their 3D printers acting up, destroying prints, and emitting strange noises. It is said that their lack of Halloween spirit is to blame. While we don’t really believe in the supernatural, it doesn’t hurt to believe in Halloween since getting failed prints is a pain in the neck. To help you avoid the curse, here is our 2020 Halloween list of 3D-printed costumes and decors. 

1. Halloween Pumpkin Spider Transformer by Megawillbot


If you find that Jack-O-Lanterns have become boring, then this new version will send shivers down your spine. It transforms the traditional Halloween mascot into a skeletal spider. Perfect as outdoor decorations. Make sure to use ABS so that it lasts under the sun. 

2. Cute Flexi Print-in-Place Spider by FlexiFactory

Who said that spiders have to be scary? If you’ve got a low tolerance for scary things, print out this cute spider by FlexiFactory. It flops around (cutely, may we add) and makes for a perfect toy for your kids or siblings. It is easy to print too as it requires no support or assembly. To get the same silk gloss effect, use our X3D Pro Silk PLA

3. Skull lamps - Voronoi Style by shiuan


Get beautiful lighting effects while also maintaining the macabre mood of the season. In the daytime, it makes for a beautiful skull decoration, while at night, it turns into a lamp and gives off beautiful Voronoi diagram effects. No need to be afraid of the dark anymore with this lamp shade!

4. Reaching Wall Hands - Thumbtack Mountable by F0R63


Do you sometimes feel alone at night that you just wish that you had a hand to hold? Or maybe several? With these reaching wall hands, you’ll have plenty of hands to grab onto when the nights get cold, or rather, hands that are DYING to grab you. 

5. Hitch Flexible Skeleton by MyopicChihuahua


This spooky decoration can save your life for real! You can hang this on the hitch to catch the attention of the reckless drivers behind you and prevent your car from getting rear-ended. It is also a cool and spooky decor to set your car apart. 

6. Frankenstein Monster by Kam Yu

Why does Frankenstein get vilified for something that is beyond his control? Show this gentle giant some love with this impressive and realistic bust of Frankenstein. After you’re done humanising him, you can install the bolts on his head to make him look like his typical terrifying self. 

7. Deadly Rose by Tanya Wiesner

Whether you want to give a sweet Halloween gift to a loved one or you have become a pandemic gardener, you’ll love this print. According to the designer, “this flower is a symbolic representation of life and death.” Very Shakespearean eh? Perfect for profound thoughts during this dark season.


If you’re a big fan of Zelda, you can create this LED-lit sword to feel like you’re living in the video game world. This sword is HUGE, making you look like an authentic character and not just a kid playing dress-up. It can also serve as a flashlight in the dark. If you can’t use it for cosplay events this year, you can at least see your way in the dark. 

9. Voxelized Skull by Devin Montes

Halloween decor doesn't always have to be scary. This voxelized skull looks modern and fresh with its colour-changing effect. It looks best with our Eryone Rainbow filaments for a gradient effect without the need for post-processing and various filament changes. 

10. Iron Man MK6 MK 6 SUIT by LucasLabrador

With Robert Downey Jr. stepping down from the role, it’s now your time to wear the suit. With this design, you’ll be able to create the entire suit from scratch. It is so authentic that it even has the battle damage marks after fighting Thanos. 

h3. Get only treats this Halloween with these 3D-printed Halloween decors and costumes!

Prevent getting tricked by your 3D printers this year and get started on these 3D-printed Halloween designs. If you’re looking for the best filaments, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our amazing collection of cool 3D printer filaments, including all of the stuff that we mentioned above. For questions, you can contact us through here

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