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Spending too much time at home over the past year has made us realise one thing: there’s always something new to improve or repair at home! Home improvement and repair projects have been all the rage since the pandemic. And it’s only natural to improve the place where we spend most of our time. As you know, remodelling and repairs can be expensive, but if you’ve got the necessary DIY skills and a 3D printer, you can save on costs significantly! Here are some 3D printing ideas for home repair projects. 

1. Drywall Anchor - Screw in auger style by hrabbot

3d printed rawl plug

Drywall holes left by anchor hooks from paintings, photo frames, and such can be unsightly. You can fix those holes with this 3D-printed drywall anchor. You can also use it to install new wall fixtures and decors. We recommend using X3D Pro ABS for extra durability. 

2. HOB KNOB by Glutnard

3d printed cooker knob

Don’t you hate it when the oven or grill knobs wear out? Ordering parts can take a while. So if you don’t want to wait or buy a new knob, you can create your own. This 3D-printed knob can be used for other things, such as ranges, potentiometers, and any rotary actuator with D shape shafts. 

3. Ethernet | RJ45 clip to secure/repair/fix broken tab by guss67

3d printed cable clip

It’s annoying how easy it is for the clip to be broken off the ethernet cord connector. While you can buy new ones, why would you have to when you can 3D-print your own? It’s also more durable than the store-bought ones, so you won’t have to replace it as much anymore. 


3d printed door knob

Go to the dark side with this 3D-printed Darth Vader knob. Whether you need to replace broken knobs or just want to change up your boring old ones, you can replace them with this to give your cabinets and drawers a fresh new look. 

5. Customizable Knob! by charliearmorycom

3d printed appliance knobs

If you find the knobs on your ovens or grills boring, then you can create your own with this set of STL files. It has a bunch of various custom knobs for you to choose from to customise your appliances. 


3d printed hooks

Create a handy towel hook in your shower cabin with these 3D-printed accessories. These design files make it easy for you to create and install your own towel hooks. All you need to do is follow the instructions. 

7. KÄRCHER : SUCTION CONNECTION 9.036.712 by Altocumulus

3d printed tubes

The Karcher pressure washer needs all its parts to be working in order to be truly effective. If you find your suction connection to be defective, no need to order the part online. You can just 3D-print it using this design as a guide. Who knows, maybe you can improve upon it further? We recommend using X3D Pro PETG.

8. 3/8 INCH BOLT KNOB by TikiLuke 

3d printed bolts

In need of a bolt knob right now and the hardware stores are closed? You’re in luck! This bolt knob will fix whatever needs to be fixed in the most inopportune times. It’s designed for standard bolts. 


3d printed toilet flush

The worst part of the house to break down is the toilet. It usually happens when you least expect it, so it’s handy to have the tools lying around. Print these 3D-printed toilet flush handle repair parts in advance so that you’ll have something to use when your toilet breaks down. 


3d printed shower head

Showerheads get clogged up from time to time. Fortunately, the designer created this 3D-printed shower head with an interchangeable diffuser so that you can easily replace the diffuser when it gets clogged. 

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