How to Create Your Own 3D Printing Design

There is nothing like creating your own 3D printing design that makes you feel like you’ve gone from a simple amateur to an expert. There can be only so much leeway that you could do with the available STL 3D printing templates until you start wanting to create your own design. What does it take to design one? Read below to find out.

It all starts in the mind…

So you have an idea for a 3D printing project but can’t find an already made template for it? Here are ways to get started on your own 3D printing design.

Start by sketching your design

The first thing that you do when inspiration strikes you is to put it down on paper first. Plot out the dimensions. Determine the details, such as the color, paint, and prints to make it look as you are envisioning it.

Design your model

Commit the sketch to whatever 3D modeling software you are using. There are prefabricated geometric shapes typically in the program, which may help you in building the foundation of the model. You can also choose to modify these shapes according to your preference. Keep adding and modifying the objects as you please.

Remember to adjust the size with the size of your 3D printer’s print bed and build in mind. If you’re gunning for a 3D model that is larger than your printer, it would be best to divide the model into pieces that can be accommodated by your 3D printer.

Determining the materials and budget

Once you are satisfied with your design, it is time to determine the materials that you’ll be using for your 3D model. It would then help you create a budget for the materials. Keep in mind that unexpected things might happen so you would need to pad your budget a little bit to allow for contingency.

Start the printing

To stay on the safe side, you should create a prototype or a small version of your 3D model first before committing to the full-sized model, especially for large ones.

If the prototype is to your liking, it’s time to start printing. If you can envisage your 3D printing project requiring a lot of work, it is better to break it into small tasks in order to make it easier.

Get started on your first 3D printing design today!

Creating your own 3D printing design is easy as long, especially with the user-friendly software programs out in the market today. If you need help in choosing which filaments to use for your 3D printing project, you can call us at 08 6380 7488. You could also take advantage of our promo on our X3D Pro Filaments. You can get the cheapest roll when you buy four filaments. You can check out the selection here.

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