4 Reasons Why You Should Use X3D Pro Recycled PLA

Years from now, the earth and humanity as we know may no longer be around but our plastic waste still will be. Every year, each Australian generates 130 kg of plastic with only 9% of it being recycled. As 3D printing nerds who mostly create plastic items, what can we do to help reduce our waste? Use environmentally conscious filaments for a start! Here are reasons why you should start using X3D Pro Recycled PLA.

1.Increase sustainability
As long as there is plastic extrusion waste, the X3D Pro Recycled PLA will be manufactured sustainably. It doesn’t have to use up precious non-renewable resources. Its production involves upcycling and recycling residual extrusion waste streams with significantly less environmental impact. 
2.Reduce environmental footprint
Since the production of X3D Pro Recycled PLA filament upcycles and recycles plastic waste, it reduces environmental footprint instead of adding to it. It helps in lessening the plastic wastes that harm our environment. 
Same performance as traditional PLA
You would be hard-pressed to find a difference between X3D Pro Recycled PLA and traditional PLA with regards to its performance. Want to know the secret? It’s because our Recycled PLA has the same formulation as our best selling regular PLA! 
It is just as easy to print with, pleasant smelling, and versatile but with the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly. It also has better tensile strength, stability, and shrinkage level than other PLA brands. 
3.Reasonably priced 

    The X3D Pro Recycled PLA is affordable just like the other X3D Pro filaments. Despite its affordability, it is a premium filament that provides solid 3D printing performance consistently. 

    4.Save the planet with the eco-friendly X3D Pro Recycled PLA!

    There really isn’t any reason not to print with X3D Pro Recycled PLA. Order X3D Pro Recycled PLA and get free shipping for orders above $100. For inquiries, you can contact us through email or phone.


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