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If you have a loved one who’s a 3D printing enthusiast, then you know that this hobby is hard to shake off. What makes it captivating is the limitless opportunities that it can create, from cute and detailed figurines to functional items for the home, car, and everyday life. If you are clueless about what to get for a loved one who’s into 3D printing, here are cool gift ideas for any budget. 

Stocking Stuffers from $4.95 to $40

Affordable popular filaments: PLA and ABS are the first materials that a 3D printing newbie learns how to print with. They are also versatile with PLA being used for anything that won’t require strength (e.g., jewellery, decor, and toys) while ABS is ideal for industrial applications. Since they are the most common and popular filaments, they are super affordable with prices going as low as $4.95 for a roll of X3D Pro ABS 3.00mm and under $20 for X3D Pro PLA 3.00mm. 

You can also give them specialty PLA blends, such as the X3D Pro Glow and Twinkling PLA

3d filament samples
Filament sample packs: For most newbies just starting to get into 3D printing, it is important to get a feel of the different materials available. They should be experimenting with different filaments from different brands to find out which will work best for their needs. Help them decide by giving them filament sample packs, such as the PLA sample pack, engineers filament sample pack, and X3D Pro Silk PLA sample pack all under $20. You can check out our other sample packs here


dimafix 3d print bed adesive

Bed adhesives: Insufficient bed adhesion is a common problem among 3D printing enthusiasts, regardless of the skill level. Make sure that your recipient always has bed adhesives at hand by giving them Dimafix and FormFutura EasyFix adhesives. 

resin light curing lamp


Resin light curing lamp: For those that prefer resin printing, curing is an important stage in the process. Gift UV light curing lamps for hassle-free curing. Prices start at $29. 

Gifts Under $100

Arts & crafts filaments: If your beloved creates jewellery pieces, decorations, and figures, then there’s a wide range of filaments available to match their creativity. Here are the most popular materials for arts and crafts projects. 

X3D Pro: 

roll of silk pla filament violet

1. X3D Pro Silk PLA (currently at 20% off): for metallic-looking prints

roll of diamond pla filament

2. X3D Pro Diamond ($49.95) gives off a sparkling appearance to the print surface

roll of wood pla filament

3. X3D Pro Wood 1.75mm and 3.00 mm (both on sale at $49.95) for a realistic wooden look and feel


a group of 3d printed vases

4. StoneFil (Terracotta, Granite, Pottery Clay) for different stone builds that looks and feels real due to its 50% stone filling in the filament blend. 



a roll of galaxy glitter pla filament

5. Galaxy Glitter (now on sale at $41.25) for shiny and sparkly prints

a roll of rainbow pla filament

6. Mini Rainbow PLA ($55) for gradient rainbow effect that is suitable for smaller prints

7. Metal Rainbow PLA ($55) for gradient metallic effect on prints


8. PolyWood ($74.95) is a wood-mimicking filament that is easier to print with than other wood filaments

9. Polylite PLA ($36.95) is a versatile PLA that can be used for a wide range of projects. 

Industrial-grade filaments ($50 - 89): For functional prints for the car, repairs, medical tools, electronics, sporting goods and anything that will be exposed to heat, impact, UV rays, and sunlight, industrial-grade filaments are perfect. Industrial-grade filaments include ASA, nylon, ABS, polypropylene, and reinforced PLA. 

Don’t know what to get? 

For those that virtually know nothing about 3D printing but still want to support a loved one’s new hobby, you can give them an X3D gift card instead. Denominations available are $10, $25, $50, and $100.

Make this Christmas unforgettable for the 3D printing enthusiasts in your life with the best gifts from X3D

There is always something for anyone in our store! For inquiries, you can contact us by phone or email. 

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