10 Festive 3D-Printed Decors & Gifts for Christmas

“Why buy when you can make it?” is a saying that any 3D printing enthusiast knows all too well. With 3D printers being such a huge investment, any user would want to get the most use out of it. Whether gifts for your loved ones or decor for your home, here are the top Christmas-theme 3D printing ideas (via Thingiverse and Cults3D). 

Holiday Decors: 

Whatever you can find in stores, you can create with your 3D printer! If you don’t feel like designing your own holiday decor, here are stl files of beautiful Christmas decorations. 


1. Spiral Christmas Balls by dazus

These Spiral Christmas Balls by dazus are lightweight and quick to print. They’re so easy to print with that they don’t even need infill although they need support to prevent warping and breaking. The design comes in two sizes: a small ball (56mm diameter, weighs less than 9g, takes about 3 hours to print) and a large one (80mm diameter, weighs less than 17g, takes about 6 hours to print)

2. Ladovská zima - lithophane na led svíčku + PF 2022 by Silor_

These lithophane lamps look so good that you can print them as decoration on your mantle or coffee table or as gifts for your friends and family. You only need to add a LED tea candle, such as the IKEA GODAFTON or anything that has similar dimensions to light them up so you can see the whole nativity scene

3. HOLIDAY WREATH by alterboy987

Have a holiday wreath that will stay fresh until the following Christmas when you print out this 3D printed holiday wreath. It is easy to print as it doesn’t require supports and the pieces are designed to be easily assembled.


Spread the holiday cheer in your business or apartment complex with this Candy Cane Holder by MBDesigns. It is also designed beautifully to match your holiday decor. 

5. Articulated Christmas Toys by BQEducacion

These articulated Christmas toys both work as decorations and as gifts for the little ones. Designed to look like Funko dolls, these jointed toys can be printed without support. 

Holiday Gifts:

If you want to give one-of-a-kind gifts this Christmas, what better way to do that than to 3D print them? Not only will your gifts be more appreciated, but they can also help develop your 3D printing skills. 


A fun deviation from the typical tissue holder, this Tic-Tac-Toilet Paper Shelf does not only hold your toilet paper but also makes for fun wall decor and a conversational piece.


This flexible crocodile is fun to play with in idle moments while at work. They are also cool gifts for the little ones. They are easy to print with and don’t require support. The designer recommends using PLA filament. To capture the gradient effect of the original, use the Eryone Mini Rainbow.

8. BACKGAMMON SET by gazzaladra

This full-sized 3D-printed backgammon set will provide hours of fun for families and friends during the holiday break. The only thing you need to buy is a pair of dice as they can be difficult to print with using an FDM printer.

9. Mario Mushroom Money Tree Planter by Zool6559

For classic video gamers in your life, this Mario Mushroom planter will not only delight them but promise fortunes and prosperity for the following year. 


This remote-controlled plane prototype actually flies! While this is an ambitious project, it is even better than store-bought RC toys when done successfully. Kids and the kids-at-heart will be delighted to receive this as a gift.

Make the holidays even more special with these 3D printed Christmas decors and gifts!

Working hard on creating 3D-printed holiday gifts and decors make the experience more memorable for the recipients as well as you as a creator. For inquiries on what filament to use, you can contact us by phone or email. 
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