5 Top Picks from X3D's Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

Itching for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale? Get ready, your favourite X3D Pro filament is going to be 20% off until the 30th of November! The discount is applied in the cart. Here are our top picks from the X3D Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale.

1. X3D Pro Silk PLA

Whether you want a metallic sheen or a pearlescent effect for your 3D prints, you can count on the X3D Pro Silk PLA. It leaves a glossy metallic/pearlescent sheen on prints without post-processing. It’s so easy to print with since it has a low shrinkage rate while also maintaining good rigidity. Here are 3D printing ideas for the X3D Pro Silk PLA:

Container - Screw Cap, 7 Sizes, All Purpose - Tin, Box, Can by guppyk




2. X3D Pro PLA 1.75mm 1kg

The best-selling filament on X3D, our regular PLA is a versatile material that is a breeze to print with. It has been manufactured to tight tolerances to deliver consistent feeding, good tensile strength, low shrinkage level, and stable printing, unlike other PLAs. It also prevents rough spots on the surface and jamming. Best of all, the colour never fades, what you see on the roll is what you’ll get on your print!

3. X3D Pro PETG

If you’re looking for something stronger than PLA but with the same easy printability, check out X3D Pro PETG. It is similar to ABS in terms of durability, strength, and temperature resistance but is easier to print with since it is less likely to warp and shrink and has no toxic odour. It also has great layer adhesion and solvent resistance. Finally, it is more lightweight, flexible, and impact-resistant than PLA or ABS. 


4. X3D Pro Flexible TPU

Don’t confuse our TPU’s high flexibility for its weakness. Despite its high bendability, it is one of the strongest and most durable materials out there. Has a wide range of use, from cell phone cases to gears and components that will regularly undergo stress and impact. 

5. Filament Samples 

Still new in the 3D printing community? Why don’t you try our filament sample packs first! Sample our filaments first without committing to a full roll. We have sample sizes of our PLA, Silk PLA, TPU, PETG, ABS, and more!

Runner-ups: X3D Pro Glow PLA and X3D Twinkling Filament PLA

If you fancy creating jewellery, toys, and other arts & crafts projects, these two filaments are for you! The X3D Pro Glow PLA is made of a phosphorescent material to make it glow in the dark while the X3D Twinkling PLA leaves sparkles on your 3D print surface. Both use our traditional PLA as the base so you can expect smooth and consistent print, low shrinkage level, and good tensile strength that it’s known for. 

Get 20% off on all X3D Pro Filaments!

Stock up on filaments for your upcoming projects next year with our Black Friday and Cyber Monday special which starts tomorrow! For inquiries, you can contact us by phone or email. 
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