2020 3D-Printed Holiday Decorations to Spread the Cheer


With everything that happened this year, it can be difficult to get in the mood to celebrate the holiday. That said, there’s nothing that our sulking can do, so we might as well enjoy the holidays. Here are 3D-printed holiday decoration ideas to get us into the mood to celebrate!

1. Dr. Finkelstein - The Nightmare Before Christmas by mag-net


If you favour the macabre to the traditional holiday decor, this The Nightmare Before Christmas print will be perfect for you! The only thing left for you to do is create your life partner just like in the movie! 

2. Christmas Reindeer kit card by tone001

For a twist on your usual Christmas cards, send this Christmas Reindeer kit card instead. Not only will you be able to send your holiday greetings to your friends and loved ones, but you’re also giving them an easy-to-assemble decoration. 

3. Garfield Christmas Lithophane Bulb by liggett1

Christmas lights will never be the same again with this Garfield Christmas Lithophane Bulb. You can simply attach it to each light to spruce up your holiday lights. 

4. Christmas Tree by studiocode2

This Christmas Tree print is the perfect decor for your workroom or desk. You can print it out for yourself or give it away as a gift to your family and friends. 

5. Christmas Balls by ernestmocassin

These 3D-printed Christmas Balls look exactly like the ones sold at the stores. They are designed in a way to look like their crystals so we recommend that you use our X3D Pro Twinkling PLA for an added oomph!

6. 2020 COVID CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT SET OF 4 by mwollner13

Why buy when you can print your own ornament set that is very relevant to the pressing issues this year? These ornaments make a play on popular Christmas lines, featuring reminders such as “Better Not Cough,” “Merry X-Mask,” “Naughty, Nice, I Tried,” and “Baby it's Covid Outside.”

7. Yet Another Gyroscopic Christmas Ornament by marcoalici

This gyroscopic Christmas ornament will be a beautiful addition to your holiday tree this Christmas. You can also give it away as a gift for friends and family to let your presence felt despite the social distancing this yuletide season 

8. Baby Yoda - Free Sample by MarVin_Miniatures

Print this holiday decor you will. This Baby Yoda is so cute that it might just replace Santa Claus or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer from your nativity scene. 

9. Snowman Lithophane Christmas by smouf123

This snowman looks like any other when the light is turned on. But when it’s dark and the lamp is plugged in, you’ll see a lithophane image of a Christmas village. 

10. Christmas Village by FiveNights

Speaking of Christmas village, you can make your Christmas village pieces when you have a 3D printer! You only need to buy a couple of components to light it up and you’re good to go. ‘

Celebrate the holidays with these 3D-printed holiday decorations!

Lift your and your loved ones’ spirits with these 2020 3D-printed holiday decorations and gifts! If you need to stock up on filaments, we’ll be having amazing deals throughout the month so you can hoard materials for your Christmas 3D printing projects! For inquiries, you can call or email us

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