4 Easy Ways to Make Money from 3D Printing

In this economy, any way to earn extra money is a good thing. Providing 3D printing services can be a good sideline right now especially if you’ve been struggling lately. 3D printers don’t come cheap either, so it is a good idea to maximise your return on your investment. Here are brilliant 3D printing business ideas that you could earn from.

1. Selling your design files online

There are plenty of things that can be done with 3D printing: models, jewelry, functional items, gadget and machine improvements, and household items, among many other things. If you’re skilled at creating your own designs, you can sell them on social media or 3D printing design repositories, such as Cults3D and Shapeways. If you’ve already got a huge following, you can set up a Patreon account so that the earnings go straight to you.

2. Rapid prototyping

3D printing is well-known for producing rapid prototypes for professionals in engineering, architecture, design, and construction. The benefits of using 3D printing for prototypes are immense, including reduction of production time and costs, less room for errors, and multiple reproduction and customisation. You also don’t have to produce the prototypes yourself. You can just design the prototypes for them according to their specifications and send them the design file for them to print.

3. Selling your prints online

If you have a penchant for designing and printing 3D-printed arts and crafts, you can earn a cool profit off it. With selling your 3D prints, you will need a different medium for that. You can sell them on social media or handmade eCommerce sites, such as Etsy or Shopify. You can also establish a Patreon page after establishing a considerable following.

4. Holding online 3D printing lessons

With 3D printing being integrated into the lesson plans of schools, now’s the perfect time to offer your tutorial services on 3D printing & design to students and teachers. You can also teach 3D printing newbies on how to set up their 3D printers and get started in the craft. You can do live, interactive webinars through Zoom or Skype or upload your lessons online on Teachable or Podia.

Create a profitable sideline with these four 3D printing business ideas!

Turn your passion for 3D printing into money with these 4 business ideas. If you need additional 3D printing materials or assistance, you can contact us by phone or email.

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