3 Ways to Incorporate 3D Printing into Marketing

3D printing is well-known for its rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing capabilities. However, did you know that you can also use this emerging technology for marketing campaigns? In recent years, many brands have been incorporating 3D printing into their branding and marketing campaigns, from user customisation to promo marketing. Want to revolutionise your marketing? Take a page from how these brands have been using 3D printing for their marketing campaigns.

1. Promo marketing

Promotional products, when done well, can provide plenty of branding and marketing opportunities for a brand. Instead of the usual promotional giveaways, Mondelez took it one step further and created a 3D printed trophy giveaway that reflects their customers’ experience. With belVita’s #MorningWin Campaign, participants tweeted their #MorningWins experiences and they’ll get a 3D printed trophy illustrating their tweet.

A pioneer in marrying 3D printing and marketing, Coca Cola launched their Mini-Me campaign in Israel where customers designed their own mini-me version in an app which they can take care of like a Tamagochi. Those who were able to take care of their mini-me’s best were given a trip to the Coca Cola factory to create a 3D printed version of their avatars.

2. Product customisation

Product customisation is a recent marketing tactic that has proven effective for Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke campaign for giving a unique customer experience. 3D printing is one of the methods that allow them to customise their products. Nokia gave away a 3D printing where customers can customise their Nokia Lumia 820 phones with DIY 3D printed phone cases.

BMW also did something similar with their Polo Principle campaign in Denmark. People became car designers and were allowed to design their custom model of the car online. The top designs were 3D printed and exhibited in Copenhagen and were eventually given away to the designers. One of them was even recreated in a full-sized BMW Polo car.

3. Enriching customer experience

Brands have been adding value to their customers’ lives through complementary initiatives that will enhance their customer experience using their products or services. Heineken worked with Cults3D to release 3D printable designs of an ice bucket, coaster, and bottle opener that users can use while drinking beer.

DVV has also helped customers who keep losing their keys by providing a service that allows them to scan their keys and save the data in their server. Customers can easily retrieve it and import the design to the 3D printer to recreate a copy.

3D printing can transform the way you do marketing!

3D printing technology presents vast opportunities to make your marketing campaign stand out. For inquiries or consultations, you can contact us by phone or email.

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