3D-Printed Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming up. While buying a gift from the store is a sweet gesture, a personalised gift that you created is a lot more sentimental, not to mention priceless as it is something that you’ve worked hard for. If you want to create a Mother’s Day gift for the light of your life, here are 3D-printed gift ideas to knock your mum’s socks off. 

1. Super Rose by 3DPrinterSuperstore

Instead of the typical bouquet of flowers you give your mum every year, why don’t you 3D-print a rose bouquet instead? These roses don’t wilt and can be a permanent decoration around the house even after Mother’s Day. 

2. Spring Flower, Butterfly, and Bee Multi-Purpose Picks by barb_3dprintny

If you’ve got baking skills, whip up a batch of cupcakes and spruce them up with these cupcake toppers! You can also use them to decorate a flower arrangement or as garden markers when your landscaping. 

3. Modular Geometric Planters by ChrisFerenceID

If your mum or wife has a green thumb, there’s nothing more that she would like than if you add a couple of plants to her collection. This stylish planter takes small plants and succulents to another level. 

4. Happy Mother’s Day Cookie Cutter by Cookiecutterstock

If you can’t say it in a letter, say it in a cookie. Treat your mum or wife to a plate of Mother’s Day-themed cookies and milk made with this 3D-printed cookie cutter! 

5. Mothers Day Bracelet by OloxMewsey

Your mum may say that she doesn’t want jewellery, but you know she doesn’t mean it. If she is easily scandalised by pricey gifts, give her something that you made yourself. This cute 3D-printed Mother’s Day bracelet will make her feel special. 

6. Jewelry Box with dividers by TheGreatMrBill

Any mum or woman really will be delighted to receive this beautiful heart-shaped jewellery box. This design looks so good that it doesn’t even look 3D-printed. To replicate the wooden finish of the jewellery box, use our X3D Pro Wood filament for a realistic wooden look and feel. 

7. Lithopane Light Box by tsnell168

Give your mum or wife something personalised with this Lithophane Light Box. It’s a sentimental and thoughtful gift that she will surely appreciate. The only difficult thing is to choose the photos that you’ll include in the lamp. 

8. MOTHER'S DAY desk decor by sammy3

It’s a well-known fact that our mums are superwomen. It’s time that we let them know with this empowering desk decor for the super mum!

9. Vase by fshero

This vase may not be what you think it is. Your mum may think that it’s a stone vase, but she’ll be surprised to find out that it was printed on your 3D printer. Use our X3D Pro Stone filament for a realistic stone appearance. 

10. Laptop stand by Legufix

This isn’t just a laptop stand. It can also be used to treat your mum to breakfast in bed. On other days, she can use it for work or reading before bedtime, but during special days, you can use it to serve her favourite food in bed.

Spoil your mum or wife this Mother’s Day 2021!

Sometimes, it’s not enough to just tell our mums we love them. Show them how much you love them with these memorable 3D-printed gifts that they will cherish for years to come. If you need to stock up on filaments to print these gifts with, check out our full range of high-quality and easy-to-print-with X3D Pro filaments! For inquiries, you can call or email us

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