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Motorcycling and 3D printing aren’t exactly the two hobbies that you think could go well together. However, you’ll be surprised that they do! While you can’t exactly do both of them at the same time, you can create more affordable and personalised motorcycle gears, parts, and models with 3D printing. Feel the need for speed with these hottest 3D print designs for motorcycles. 

1. Motorbike Chain Lubrication Tool by pb023

Recommended filament: X3D Pro ASA


Make sure that chain lubricant STAYS ON the chain and not make a mess outside of it with this 3D-printed tool. While it is designed for the Triumph Tiger as the logo on the design suggests, it works on any motorcycle or bike. If the logo bothers you, you can download the version without it. 

2. Ducati 1199 Superbike (WITH ASSEMBLY) by jparisch

Recommended filament: X3D Pro PLA or Polylite PLA

Ducati bikes are pretty expensive. If you’ve always wanted one but can’t afford it, make do with this highly detailed Ducati 1199 model for the meantime. The design requires assembly but it is worth it when you see the finished product. 

3. Skull Helmet Support by MakEaWorld

Recommended filament: X3D Pro PETG (currently on sale!) or PolyLite PETG

Why settle for a simple wall hook for your helmet when you can have a badass skull hook? This Skull Helmet Support makes for a reliable holder for your precious helmet while also serving as an interesting wall accent when not in use. 

4. motorcycle keychain with spinning wheels by jan127 

Recommended filament: X3D Pro PLA


Give your keys more character with this impressive 3D-printed motorcycle keychain with actual spinning wheels! As it has moving parts, this requires a bit of assembly. If you prefer a simpler, static version, the designer made another version that you can print instead. 

5. Yamaha Motorcycle Phone Mount by SPecBut

Recommended filament: X3D Pro PETG or Polylite PETG 

If you have a 3D printer, you don’t have to shell out money to buy a phone mount. Just create one using your 3D printer. If you’ve got a Yamaha bike, then it’s even sweeter with this specially designed phone mount by SPecBut. It is easy to assemble and install and can withstand outdoor use. Just use PLA with a clear paint coating or better yet, UV-resistant filaments like PETG. 

6. Tire Valve Caps - Car/Bike Accessory by muzz64

Recommended filament: X3D Pro Glow ABS (currently on sale!)

Sometimes, even the littlest details matter. If you want your tire valve caps in a custom colour, you can print this design. Use a glow-in-the-dark filament for beautiful effects at night. 

7. Motorcycle Helmet Devil Horn by TheMakersEs

Recommended filament: X3D Pro PETG or Polylite PETG

Increase your visibility at night and look cool while doing it with these illuminating helmet devil horns. They are easily removable as they are magnetic and they are also strong enough to not be blown away by the wind while on the road. Aside from the 3D-printed printed parts, they also require components that you can buy in any hardware store. 

8. Motorcycle chopper Nixie clock by Saddex3D

Recommended filament: X3D Pro PLA or Polylite PLA

Whether you want an interesting mantlepiece in your home or create a custom gift for your motorcycling friend, check out this beautiful 3D-printed clock. It looks so good that people would think it’s expensive. 

9. Honda Africa Twin XRV650 Protective Grid by TheMakersEs

Recommended filament: X3D Pro ASA

Owners of Honda Africa Twin XRV650 are in luck! This grid has been specially designed to protect your front headlights. 

10. Anti-slip pad by LeMeeplePrinter

Recommended filament: X3D Pro Flexible TPU

There is nothing worse than a motorcycle falling down when you’re doing maintenance or repair work on it. This 3D-printed anti-slip pad will ensure that your bike stays upright and secure throughout the entire process. 

Prepare for a sweet ride with these 3D-printed motorcycle accessories and models!

Motorcycling is an art form that is best enjoyed with 3D printing. Create our top 10 3D-print designs for motorcycle accessories and models using the most easy-to-print-with, durable, and affordable filaments on the market, which you can find on our website. We carry filaments from the best brands available: X3D Pro, Polymaker, FormFutura and more. For inquiries, you can contact us through these channels. 

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